Bench Space in Shropshire available

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James Preece

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11 Mar 2024
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Hi folks, I have some bench space available at my joinery workshop.
(Im not sure where else to publish this?)
Theres enough of space for your own permanent bench plus assembly & finishing areas.
I have a kitchen area and the luxury of a private toilet within the building (very rare on our particular trading estate!) plus a saw dust fed heating system.

Location: WV16 6SS

(its a very long established trading estate with some fascinating history and many "cottage industry" businesses who all look out for each other)

Altendorf F45 Dimension Saw
Weinig Profimat22n 5 Head Moulder/Planer
Felder F700 Spindle Moulder with Feed Roller
Danckeart Spindle Moulder with Feed Roller
SCM T100 Spindle Moulder
Startrite 14s Bandsaw
Electra Beckum 500 Bandsaw
Wadkin Crosscut
Wadkin 430mm Wide Surface Planer
Wadkin 525mm Wide Thicknesser
Dominion 3 Head Tennoner
Dominion BM Chisel Morticer
Pillar Drill
Edge Bander
Union Graduate lathe
Nutool Lathe
Morso guillotine
Routers, Biscuiters, Sanders etc

Access to an unlimited amount of kiln dried hard wood (max 75mm thick)

Please get in touch if you have any interest

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