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I could be interested in some of the clamps depending on size/type as well as Festool track and the TS55 if it ends up unsold and would collect
I'm interested in the Kapex too, not bothered about the stand.
If the price is right then I can collect as I'm not too far.

For Personal reasons I am now about to start selling off the contents of my small workshop.
I will be listing items as I go but have started with some Festool items.

Pictures and prices of everything will be posted but you will have to bear with me on this because I am not the most proficient on the computer side of things, and what has just recently happened in my life I am a bit all over the place at the moment, so apologies in advance.

I will list some of the things that will be coming up for sale over the next few weeks, so if anyone is interested please message me and I will get back to you.
I will start with the bigger bits.

FELDER K700S Sliding table saw with the capacity to cut 8 x 4 sheet material. Year 2020, 240 volt.
FELDER F700 Z Spindle Moulder with electric rise and fall. Year 2020, 240 volt
FELDER F38 Power feed c/w stand Year 2020 240 volt
FELDER RL 125 Dust extractor Year 2020 240 volt

HAMMER A3-31 Planer/Thicknesser with Spiral cutter with wheel kit, Year 2018 240 volt
HAMMER HS 950 Edge Sander with wheel kit Year 2020 240 volt

Lots of 150mm metal spiral ducting for extraction

That takes care of the bigger pieces. I have been in contact with Russell Jones at Felder UK to get some idea of prices from him for resale so have a very good idea what the machinery is worth.
I have the opportunity to sell it on their s/h machinery site but thought I would try it here first.

With regards to the other tools here is a list not fully complete but will give you an idea of what is coming up.

Festool Tracks for track saws, 3.0 metre, 1.4 metre and .800 metre.
Makita hand held planer in a Festool systainer 240 volt
Festool Drawers x 18
Makita 9403 belt sander in a Festool systainer 240 volt
Makita Router RP2301 FC Brand new, never used in a Festool systainer. 240 volt
Makita palm sander 240 volt
18 volt Dewalt Jigsaw (bare)
Dewalt DW700 small chopsaw 240 volt
Morso F Guillotine c/w with spare springs and a brand new spare set of blades. Blades in the guillotine are good as well.
Blum Professional 35mm hole jig c/w bits.
Record Power DP58P drill stand full height. 240 volt
Fein Multi in a Festool systainer.
4 inch hand held grinder in a Fesoll systainer 240 volt
Bosch Profesional jigsaw 18 months old in case 240 volt
Festool Kapex 120 c/w fold away stand and L/H & R/H wing supports 240 volt
There will be more,Bessey, Record clamps etc.

FESTOOL Domino DF500 240 volt c/w Systainer and also Systainer with mixed Domino's in.
Price £525-00 Collection preferred from Mid Norfolk.

View attachment 145535

Festool Domi Plate.
Price £40.00

View attachment 145536

Festool OF1010 Router 240 volt
Price £280.00

View attachment 145539

Festool TS55 Track saw 240 volt
Price £225.00

View attachment 145540

Festool EHL planer. 240 volt
Price £150.00

View attachment 145537

Festool CTL 26 Extractor 240 volt (Damage to Hose holder but works fine)
Price £125.00

View attachment 145534

Festool ETS150/3 EQ Sander 240 volt
Price £240.00

View attachment 145538
Hi There, if they haven't already gone I would be interested in the domino and router
Thank you to everybody who has shown an interest in buying the machinery/tools that I have listed.

I am trying to sort it all out and to be fair to people I am doing it on a first reply basis, if that falls through then the second person etc etc.

Could I please ask the people who made enquiries on the machinery if it is not for you, please let me know as soon as you can as I have other people interested. ( Not you Sam) Thank you.
For those interested, the Kapex with the stand and side wings, it will be £650.00.
It has the hold down clamp but not the angle divider.

Festool done a recall on some of their Kapex's, so I took it to their place in Bury St. Edmunds
and it had a new Armature fitted and some other cosmetics pieces. They also set up the lasers and recalibrated everything, from memory this was about 3 years ago. It has had a easy life and just about only used on Kitchen fits really.
I do have a spare blade for it which would need sharpening but can go in with the sale.



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