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Withdrawn CNC 8X4 router 240V made in England 2020, with PC and plastic nail gun £6.500 located near Aylesbury


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Lord Kitchener

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11 Jul 2011
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CNC 8X4 router used made in England, with PC running Mach3, and plastic nail gun £6,500 Located near Aylesbury

Very good condition, 2.2Kw water cooled spindle with collets (including a 6.35mm collet so you can use standard router cutters) and spanners. Fitted with 3" extractor hose with 4" adaptor. PC runs Mach3 and is upgraded with a SSD so it boots up very quickly.

The CNC machine will run at 5 metres a minute on the Y axis and 4M a min on the X. There are homing switches on the X,Y and Z axis and a toolsetter which allows the cutter height to be entered into the control software. The machine has mostly been used for cutting 3/4 birch plywood which it will do in 3 passes comfortably, I usually use a 6mm compression bit for this.

Rack and pinion Y axis, ballscrews on X and Z. Powerful steppers with encoders.

Also included is an Omer polymer nail gun and a box of 25mm polymer nails. These are ideal for holding down material of 19mm 3/4" or less. When machining is finished just knock the part sideways to shear off the nails.

There's a forklift on site and can load the machine onto your transport, a Luton van is ideal (it arrived here on one). The machine has integral wheels and can be pushed across good surfaces. When it's in position you can jack it up onto its levelling feet and locate it permanently using the pictured wood blocks which are included

Happy to demonstrate to genuine enquirers

Collection in person only from my workshop on the A413 north of Aylesbury. Payment by instant bank transfer only (internet available).



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