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Sold Mantech CNC Flatbed Router Table Spartan 1530 Bed Size 1500 x 3000 5ft x 10ft


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18 May 2021
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Now I know this is a long shot, but maybe someone knows someone that might want this....hopefully!!! :)

Mantech Spartan 1530 CNC flatbed router table

Purchased late 2020 as a woodworking hobby (vanity project!!!!), however due to my full time occupation taking up virtually all of my time I am reluctantly selling it to make room in the unit!

Unit has had no more than about 50 hours of use, and was cleaned, greased etc regularly. As you can see from the pictures it is pretty much in an as new condition...

Machine runs off 3 phase, as does the extractor and vacuum pump.

Bed dimensions are 1500mm by 3000mm so can take larger sheet material.

Controller is a NK105 handheld system and extremely easy to use, main controller is integrated into the table itself so there is no external unit taking up room. File loading is via USB port (again very easy to use)

4.5Kw Air cooled spindle which can run at speeds of up to 18000 RPM

TBI Ballscrew system on the Z Axis with Helical Rack and Pinion on the X Y Axis

Vacuum System includes a 4.5kW Vacuum pump (3 phase) and the table has 8 independent sections that can be configured as one large vacuum area or as a smaller depending on the job.

Comes with corporate install of current version of VCarve Pro 11, however can use most CNC software.

I have a selection of ER32 collets and also router bits that will be included with the machine. I can also include the armored cable and isolator switches.

Serviceable via Mantech if required

Collection required and due to size and weight I would recommend a HIAB flatbed truck, alternatively there are a few fork truck companies nearby that can hire a forklift for the loading which we can give you details for. Unfortunately our forklift is too small to load this directly!!!

This really is a very nice piece of machinery and will be sorry to see it go, however it's just not getting the use I thought it would so better to sell to someone who will make use of it.

Any questions please message. Machine can be seen running

Selling for £10000.00 but will consider offers


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