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Complete high accuracy 240V iTech/Incra table saw set up WITHDRAWN


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Lord Kitchener

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11 Jul 2011
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I'll be taking delivery of my new 8x4 CNC router soon and need to find some room for it. With that in mind I have decided to sell my iTech/Incra setup, which comprises
iTech 250 10" table saw with cast iron tables
iTech dust extractor with 25 spare bags
Incra TS/LS table saw fence
Jessem clear cut stock guides and mounting kit
2 Magswith featherboards

I don't still have the original fence for this saw, I gave it away though this forum IIRC.

I'm not considering splitting this setup at this stage, I might do if nobody wants it as is, but the fence will stay with the saw whatever.

Bought new (as all of this was, less than 15 months ago) this lot would come to around £2,600

I'm selling for £1,500 cash or bank transfer on collection from my unit in HP22

There's a small rust spot on the table caused by some condensation from the roof (photo attached) and some surface scratches, but overall the included items are all in very good condition.

As you can see the dust extractor has a high efficiency filter which works well.

There's a forklift on site so it could be loaded onto your vehicle. It's a heavy machine. 20200810_140732.jpg20200810_140737.jpg20200810_140751.jpg20200810_140757.jpg20200810_140847.jpg20200810_141143.jpg


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I still have the fence for the saw that you gave me.
I have tried to pm you about the router table and the fence have you received the pm.
Perhaps if you send me a pm I could reply to it.
Is the router table set up still for sale and would you like the table saw fence back?
I've got a forum member coming to have a look at it with a view to buying tomorrow afternoon, so it looks as if it's no longer available. I don't really need the fence back as I have no intention of selling the saw without the Incra fence (which is all I hoped it would be, BTW) but thanks for offering.
Nobody has expressed an interest in it yet, so I'm still using it. I daresay it's more than most people really need, and takes up quite a bit of space. I'll give it a bit longer though.
Did the forum member not turn up , you mentioned in post 7

I must say it does look like a dream saw to own made even better with the Incra fence set
Did the forum member not turn up , you mentioned in post 7

I must say it does look like a dream saw to own made even better with the Incra fence set
The person did turn up but he wasn't coming to look at the saw, he came for the AUK router table, which he bought. In the post you refer to, I was replying to a question about the router table (which ideally would have been asked on the other thread).

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