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i'm not sure why his account was removed actually. Maybe due to inactivity
I looked at building a CNC machine some years ago but the problem was finding decent software to do what I wanted. I found some free stuff to get from a 2D DXF file into G-Code but I really needed a 3D program. I wanted to cut a aircraft wing that was elliptical/3D. At the time software packages to do this cost $3-5000 plus.

Are there any cheap 3D progs around now? Perhaps something that would transform a Sketchup object to a 3D tool path?
CNC Paul":1m171qvx said:

Have a look at Rhino by
and Aspire by Vectric great software and very easy to use.... Try the trial version.

There is a Sketchup ruby that will convert the Sketchup files into a STL file
that can be opened by Aspire and I think that Rhino might also.


There are loads of different softwars available, some freeware, othres just 'available', depends on what you are after, for basic drawing most CAD systems have a free 2D package which is very good but not userfriendly if you are not used to such systems