cleaning rust from machine tools ?

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Thanks, @Fergie 307 I had to go to Google as I've never heard of a scratch pen, as I'm now in the picture I've placed an order 👍
Glad to help. As you have probably found if you have Googled them, you can also get them in brass and stainless steel, really handy for those fiddly little corners.
I concur that fibreglass scratch pens are good for this but would add that you might want to exercise some caution when using them - fibreglass shards are incredibly irritating if they become embedded in your finger tips, and also the dust is pretty nasty too.
Particularly relevant for this type of work where you will likely be working pretty close to the object being cleaned...
Another option is molasses, diluted 1:9 with water and then just chuck the parts in and leave them for a week or two.
You can get molasses cheap at Agri suppliers.

Works through chelation so is gentler than acid, doesn’t need elec like electrolysis, just takes longer

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