Hello New Inmate from London.


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Homeless Squirrel

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15 Sep 2022
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London UK
Hi Getting more into Woodwork as a member of a Woodworking group called Woodwork for Well Being a charity run thing in E2(people that have/had health issues like Mental or Physical etc) plus Going to join Minds run Mens shed in E3.

I was Deemed " Barking Mad" Autistic/Asperger's so not always on the same plate as others plus had a stroke few years back that makes my concentration not always so good along with typing!

But like making things often more in way of useful things like Bench hooks/racking/Repairs or Mods rather than making something like a Bowl! but am in process of making a decent sized joiners Mallet plus did buy a Carving Mallet from someone that think is on here made out of a bowling ball that MyHerpes dumped on mat and someone stole it but must have been beyond there brain power so left on stairs below but unboxed!.

Do have my own reasonable collection of tools!(far too many)and just in process of cleaning up a Stanley 9 1/2 sweetheart block plane and USA made 4 1/2 which i thought deep rust but scraped off and not bad at all.

Cheers All
Welcome to you, I can empathise with your intro as I suffered quite badly with my mental well-being due to several bereavements in a short time , my mom also had a severe stroke so is now in a care home with dementia. It’s what got me back into woodwork and joining this forum. I also feel I’m a little insane at times but I think this forum is the best place for help and advice. There is also a feel good factor for helping others . 😊😊
Hello, I've never thought there were woodworking clubs, let alone a club with such a great cause, that's amazing! I personally use woodworking to calm my anxiety it is a powerful antidepressant!
There are Men's Shed's find them in many places was started in OZ for older males as nothing for them apart from Grog(OZ for beer) it them expanded world wide.