Devon car boot finds - Aug 2022

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5 Apr 2013
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I always like seeing other forum members post their car boot finds, so now it's my turn!

On holidays this week in South Devon and saw some signs up for a car boot sale in West Alvington, just outside Kingsbridge so thought i'd pop in for a look.

Turned up just before 10am when it was supposed to start and found it in full swing already.

There was a couple of sellers with tables full of tools, and plenty of others with boxes full of rusty spanners, files and what not.

Came away with a few bits and bobs, had to show restraint and not buy a few things i wanted, mainly because i've got too many hand tools already and am running out of space to keep them all. Probably overspent on a few things but generally happy and it was a fun morning out.

Bowls ball was £2 - can faintly make out 'E J Riley LTD' on it, was a bit of a punt, hoping it's lignum vitae to make a mallet out of it.

3 small cold chisels, one marked spear and jackson and the other 2 unnamed, plus the large screwdriver for £3. This seller had quite a few woodworking tools on offer including a record no.4 plane in good condition which he was asking £20 for - too much, he also had a box of moulding planes as well but i've got enough of those already, another seller nearby also had a rusty unidentifiable stanley type no.4 which looked beyond saving.

The metal file and the box of reamers was £5, this was an impulse buy and i should have left the reamers as once i got home and looked at them closely, many are damaged and not worth keeping, i lost out on this one. There were plenty of other metal files on offer but i don't really need any so left these behind.

The adjustable square was £5, and is a M&W 414. It's a bit rusty and missing some extra bits it would have had from new, i already have one of these but this ones wooden box is in much better condition. I'll swap boxes and sell this one on ebay once i've cleaned it up a little, should recover my outlay on this one.

The micrometer again was an impulse buy for £5, it's a M&W 361, imperial jobby, seems smooth enough in operation, i don't really need this so i think i'll sell this on as well.

Also picked up a couple of used wetsuits for my boys £3 for one for my 9yo and £1 for my 3yo, so those alone made it worth it going anyway!

South Devon and saw some signs up for a car boot sale in West Alvington, just outside Kingsbridge so thought i'd pop in for a look.
🤣 my mrs and kids went, but i was at work. I live a couple of miles away 👍 theres often a bouncy castle next to the cricket hut, kids love it
In 1965 at the end of my first year of Royal Navy apprenticeship I won a prize of a £5 tool voucher that I spent at a Plymouth toolshop. Bought exact same M&W 361 Mic. and a small steel engineers square, so the mic. alone must have around £4 then, I still have them both, memory lane !