Bullnose on concave edge, router or spindle moulder


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29 Oct 2020
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Langhe, Piemonte
I need to put a full bullnose on a roughly 800mm long, 24mm thick piece of timber, except the edge is slightly concave so I can't use the straight fence on the router table or spindle moulder. I expected to use a template but didn't think about how until I had the boards ready. I don't have a ring fence for my small Scheppach spindle moulder and can't come up with a simple way of doing it. I could just use a round-over bit with a bearing but I'm not sure how nice a bullnose I will get when I flip the board to do the second cut.

It is a leg for a desk shaped approximately as shown by the template image. I need to bullnose the r/h side.


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    desk leg templ..jpg
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You just need to pack out the fences enough, both sides of the cutter block, to make them work like a ring fence, albeit a large diameter.
Either tilt the fences or add packing to the faces.
Use a piece of scrap timber the same thickness to set up your round over bit so you get to see what the finished bullnose will look like on your desk leg.