Any tips for getting a good jointed edge on a router table? I'm struggling.

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I have had problems on by surface place with getting a concave of tapering cut, it's the same cut when I think about it and all about alignment of the cutting edge to the outfeed table. The way I do it in on the surface planer is adjust the outfeed table fractionally above the knives then when you try to push an edge through it will hang up on the outfeed table, I then drop the height until the work piece clears the outfeed, enabling me to get the outfeed height level with the cutting plane.
Indeed! Basically the same as a spindle moulder. The two fences need to be paralell to one an other. Easily checked by holding a long straight edge to the outfeed and looking down from the top where you should see a constant gap. If not, there lays the problem; Somtimes also the farther boards could be putting too much pressure on the wrong place. Or both.
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Just tried that and i get a gap at the leading edge.

When i removed the fence pieces i notice there were some fragments of phenolic from the fence edge and screw holes which may have been messing with the fence so I've sanding those flush.
It's worth taking off any part that is adjustable and checking for burrs and any fragments of whatever, I've often found that even new equipment benefits from a good check over.

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