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Sold UJK Cast Iron Router Table and UJK Router Lift


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26 Jan 2013
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Stowmarket, Suffolk
For Sale.
Downsizing my "hobby man cave", so selling a number of items that see little use.
UJK Cast Iron Router Table (Axminster Tools item 717127) top measures 815mm x 615mm x 40mm, the top has been kept clean and well maintained few stains but no rust. The fence is aluminium and is 904mm x 90mm with dust extraction port and bit shield, and fully adjustable to allow the widest of router bits you dare put in safely.
Current Axminster price is £879 (out of stock as I write this). I would like to sell for £375.
Please note this price does not include the Router Lift but does include the dust extraction box worth £128.
The extraction port is 4" with a take off to the fence of about 2" (apologies for mixing imp and met).
The UKJ Router Lift will only fit UKJ Router tables (or home made router tables of course). This is a well made and well thought out lift and in my opinion better than the Jessem or Incra lifts. The adjustment mechanism is a chain which drives all 4 posts so no asymmetric adjustments. Adjusts to 0.05mm on the scale or 2mm per full turn, however, adjustments are infinitesimal and locked in to prevent unwanted drift. All adjustments and bit changes are above the table. A variety of inserts are also included.
Axminster item 502701, current price £430. Would like to sell for £300 including the DeWalt 625E


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