Increasing precision for hand mitre cutting.

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Curious to know what a triple mitre box line inlay is!
No problem ! With veneered boxes you have to inlay a 3x3 or 4x4 mm solid wood inlay on all the edges of the box. This looks better and protects the veneered edges. A small rebate is cut with the router to match your inlay. On each corner you have three inlays meeting and the best solution by far is to cut a miter on all three pieces. You could just miter two of the pieces and butt joint the third but it just doesn't look as professional. If you look at Andrew Crawford's boxes they are all triple mitered but he doesn't tell us how he did them in his books !
For me it's the most tricky part of boxmaking and I use the Miter Trimmer, creeping up to a good fit but it is very time consuming. There has to be a better way. !
After the top tip from Pete I’ve knocked up a quick and dirty Donkeys ear board. It definitely helps to have the No 5 plane with a more steady reference face, I think my block plane was tipping over before.


Once I have a little more time I’ll make it properly and give the suggested jig from Johnnyb a go, as well as trying different glue.

Thanks for all of the help!
just to say bob wearing was the king of jigs. he's not so well known now( bit like Jim kingshot) but pre 2000 had really great books out. sgian dubh may elaborate as I think he knew him in a professional capacity.

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