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Bog Oak Sale Day (inc some bog ash? and some non-bog yew).


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24 Aug 2008
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Essex/ Suffolk border
The sale will be in just under 3 weeks time in the Essex/ Suffolk borderlands, on the Sat 27th April, and will be arranged as follows:

The boards for sale are listed below with sizes, descriptions and photos, plus of course prices. They will only be sold as whole boards, although you are of course perfectly at liberty to make arrangements with others to share boards. It is a collection-only event. I won't be posting anything, nor involving couriers. It will be a first-come first-served sale, with doors opening at 11 in the morning, but with one variation: you can reserve boards ahead of the sale for £30 per board. This £30 will be payable whether you buy the board or not.. This £30/ board payment will allow you an hour.......in other words, the reserved board won't be sold to anyone else before 12.00. If you decide you don't want it, it then can be sold to anyone else there, although you'll still need to pay £30.

I will not be taking any offers by PM, other than the £30 for reserving boards. Don't make offers!!

All of the boards have been weighed, and the price is a straight factor of the board weight, with one exception. Because of the irregularity of the boards, this is the only way I can be fair and consistent with the price. Terms are cash on collection only.

Those who are interested in attending, PM me for the address and directions.

Finally, can I refer everyone to the other thread for a general description of bog oak. It has many flaws, and there will be more wastage than you'd expect from ordinary waney edge oak boards. It doesn't generally yield large areas of flawless timber. It is unlikely that anyone will be making a dining table top from bog oak. Most of the boards have some cupping and shakes. It's all filthy, too, so don't come in your Sunday best...........and everything is sold "as seen".

The boards are described as follows: length x (width & depth one end) (width & depth the other end), weight (in mm & kgs respectively)

Board A - £390

4050 x (390x85)(420x65) 92kg small shakes, in wind for 2m, cupped the other 2m

Apologies for the photos, but the board is too big to move and was half in bright sun, half in dark shade. This board is huge, and anyone who wants it needs to either cut it, or come in a big enough vehicle to handle it.......and you'll need some help. This is far and away the biggest board in the sale.

Board B - £150

2150 x (425x65)(510x60) 35kg one big shake, flattish

Board C - £185

2860 x (330x60)(520x55) 43kg cupped appears to be entirely black, one big shake

Board D - £230

3050 x (500x60)(320x60) 54kg major shake entire length, cupped

Board E - £220

2860 x (480x60)(320x55) 52kg 2 major shakes, cupped, appears to be all black

Board F - £150

2850 x (290x110) (190x100) 35kg THIS MAY BE ASH it appears to be mostly black, with very little shaking, cupped at one end

The white stuff in the photos appears to be mould from its time in storage, superficial.

Board G - £195

2850 x (280x100)(290x95) 46kg THIS MAY BE ASH no major shakes, flattish, treat the dimensions with caution as the edge is very waney

Board H - £100

2850 x (200x45)(70max x 200) 24kg THIS MAY BE ASH half round at one end, minor shakes only, appears to be mostly/ all black



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24 Aug 2008
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Essex/ Suffolk border
Board J - £175

2900 x (380x60)(280x60) 41kg multiple shakes, flattish

Board K - £275

2900 x (330/ half round)(160/ half round) 65kg This board is the outside of the tree, and the face is convex May suit turners for bowl blanks

Board L - £175

2800 x (390xvaries)(230x60) 47kg Outside of the tree, reduced price might suit turners for bowl blanks, or for veneers, box making etc

Board M - £160

2800 x (260x60)(280x60) 38kg slight cupping, multiple shakes

Board N - £170

2800 x (300x55)(260x50) 40kg shakes

Board P - £320

2800 x (330x150max)(330x150max) 75kg half round (outside of tree), convex face, might suit turners for bowl blanks


Yew Board A - £40

1950 x (300x40)(350x45) Voids to rear

Yew Board B - £75

2500 x (400x55)(380x55) shake

Yew Board C - £55

2050 x (380x50)(350x50)

Yew Board D - £25

1800+ x (200x50)(180x50) Odd shape, voids

Yew Board E - £15

800 x 200 x 30 odd shape

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