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21 Jun 2019
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Been looking for a bobbin sander for a while and I've come across the Sheppach which is massively reduced to £85. Compared to most of the others, Triton, Vonhaus etc. Which come in at about £170. Which begs the question are they that much better?
Saw your post, and immediately googled the sander to see where I could get it for £85.
I assume you are referring to
I stand to be corrected, but I wouldn't send money there, not just because the email address given on the contacts page is istituspendergraftt788@ ... but also because it is just too good to be true.
I got part way through ordering one and was asked for the one off security key for the credit card payment. I couldn't carry on as this one off key goes to my wife's mobile phone.
I back tracked and cancelled the order but have been given an order number. I've now checked our two credit cards and paypal, no withdrawls and nothing pending.
On the poor website, pop ups show sales in America, but a UK address is listed and the spec is 230v. Very strange.

This is the listed business address , looking through the prices they all look a bit too good to be true
Theres a Triton version has the bobbin sander and a belt sander too. Looks to be OK for occasional use.
Ive the Scheppach one and its good enough with plenty of power even on hard exotics.

If I had my choice again, I'd go for the Triton, mainly as you also get the oscillating belt sander, but more importantly the table can be angled for 45d etc etc, which the others dont have.
I also have the Triton and I am very pleased with it but there is no way that you would be able to buy 1 for £85 inc delivery.
I have one called "Holzstar", bought in Germany. But apart from the colour (mine's green, not orange) it looks precisely the same as the Triton and several other badge/names I saw when I was looking around for mine, about 2 - 3 years ago now. I very much suspect that apart from colour and badge/name, they're all the same and most likely come from the same factory in China.

Due to that "fact" I found a wide variation in price, depending on who you were buying from and where you live. I'd therefore highly recommend doing a thorough prices search.

BTW, mine works fine, despite some drum and belt slippage (as posted here recently on another thread). My answers to that were:

1. A layer of electrical insulating tape around the inside of the drums AND the belt;

2. Don't press the job so hard against the abrasive.


Edit for P.S. The cheapest I found at the time was on Amazon UK. But as soon as their order form "realised" I live in Switzerland they "refused" my order, even though Amazon does not have a branch here. Amazon UK directed me to Amazon DE (Germany) but they too rejected my order - same reason!
I have the TRITON oscillating belt and spindle one. When I first used it, it worked for a very short time before blowing some electrical circuitry. As I had bought it just before Christmas I hadn't used it for a few weeks and it failed outside the 28 days for return to Amazon. TRITON asked for it to be returned to them for repair and I got it back within just a few days. It has been working well for over a year now. Beware the belt is vicious and will send your piece flying if not held firmly and using the little fence.

I use a lot of TRITON tools as I have had exemplary service from them when needed over the years.
I can't comment on other makes service performance.

Looked into getting a bobbin sander some time ago, started with looking at the Triton, Rutlands, Scheppach, Clarke, Von hause and there are other clones of this machine but ended up getting a small belt sander because it would get more use once I thought about it as I was not doing that much curved work, mainly making the odd template.

I did realise that if / when I do require one then the choice was down to something different, with the Jet being just way to expensive at £800

Jet Jbos-5-m Oscillating Spindle Sander 240v from Westcountry Machinery 4 Wood and really that only leaves two other clones of something similar, Record and Axminster.

There is the Sealey at £516 Sealey Bobbin Sander which is again to expensive for the use it would get and the Itech is cheaper iTECH MM326 Bobbin Sander with Stand for essentially the same machine.

Axminsters offering is Axminster Workshop AW140OSS Bobbin Sander - 230V at £360 and the Record which was the one I came closest to buying is now discontinued along with the Charnwood version but available in it's Axminster colors looking like this, or SIP colors as below that.



Whilst Record now sells this latest clone, also available from Rikon if you prefer a square table..


It is interesting to see all the brands stating a machine is now discontinued at the same time showing that there is often more variation in the pricing than the actual machines which all originate from a single source.
I've just ordered the one from Yandles. If anybody is interested, they only have a couple left and expect them to be gone by end of the weekend.

Well the Draper from Yandles has arrived. I've wiped the carbon off the cast iron table from when it was machined, applied machine wax, popped on one of the bobbins and turned it on. I must say I am impressed with the feel of the machine and it runs smoothly. For £125 it is a bargain.


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