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Le dullard de la commune
2 Mar 2007
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I see many of you are piling on about Morris/brad nailer/Jacob.
He possibly deserves it but nonetheless it’s all a bit playground and we are better than that.
Brad Nailer was Duncan Cheslett, I met him once at a forum get together many years ago, though I imagine he'd have a laugh at being mistaken for Jacob.
That said I agree with your sentiments Jim
Doug B":2901x05k said:
Brad Nailer was Duncan Cheslett, I met him once at a forum get together many years ago, though I imagine he'd have a laugh at being mistaken for Jacob.
That said I agree with your sentiments Jim

The good old days Doug
Well I have searched and can't see any piling into Jacob, please point me in the right direction as Jacob baiting is one of my favourite hobbies....... :lol: :lol: :lol:
I keep an annual tally of his "blocking" me ............. not good this year as he seems to be banned, I demand he is let back in.

Having said that if the old rogue can't reply it's probably a bit dull.

He may possibly be busy in the local elections, I believe he wants to smash his vote tally from a few years ago and get 11 this time around.
Well personally, I think that although Jacob did have his good points (basically his woodworking knowledge) in my opinion - we're all allowed to have them and express them aren't we? - I think this Forum is a helluva lot better place without him.

If you want any "proof" of that, look back over the last week or so, especially at several threads which could, potentially, have resulted in strife, and which have all passed off peacefully with no bad feelings from anyone as far as I can see.

And it's not a question of attacking someone who can't "defend himself", nor a question of not getting on with making stuff (I am, thanks). But Jacob demonstrably deliberately set out to offend members with his ill-tempered, crass and provocative posts and responses, very often far and away beneath the point that would be considered impolite in any "civilised" gathering. Further, despite being warned, he continued to do that over and over again.

Personally he's the sort of bloke I most definitely would NOT want to share a drink with if I met him in a pub, so again speaking personally, I hope he's been banned for good. A thoroughly nasty piece of work, and good riddance to him. Thank goodness I've never even been to Derbyshire or wherever it was he came from.

However, if others have another opinion of the bloke, as said above, you're welcome to them, and to express them too.

However, IMO what we don't want or need on this Forum is a whole string of posts saying "he was a good bloke really" and others saying "Oh no he wasn't"; blah, blah, blah.

Now THAT would be a waste of both posting and making time! ;-)

He's gone, hopefully for good, so can we just forget all about him please?

Edit for P.S. Don't know who morris or Brad Nailer is/are. Must be before my time.
andys wood shed":2dry4jkr said:
Doug B":2dry4jkr said:
Brad Nailer was Duncan Cheslett, I met him once at a forum get together many years ago, though I imagine he'd have a laugh at being mistaken for Jacob.
That said I agree with your sentiments Jim

The good old days Doug

They sure were Andy O:)
AES":3d7h1p4w said:
.........I hope he's been banned for good.......

This is the only forum I've ever been on in which the status of a member was in any doubt. There are numerous different approaches in my experience, from a simple "banned" note under the user name to a "Public Notices" section listing all banned or suspended members and the reasons for the moderator action, this one stands alone in leaving us guessing. I'm not having a pop at the moderators in saying this, as no doubt this is the system they inherited, but it does seem bizarre to me that a long standing member can disappear without anyone knowing if he has been banned or not.

I personally banished him from my life some while ago by the simple expedient of adding him to my "foe" list, so whether or not he has been banned doesn't make any difference to me.
Doug B":5xayy2nx said:
andys wood shed":5xayy2nx said:
Doug B":5xayy2nx said:
Brad Nailer was Duncan Cheslett, I met him once at a forum get together many years ago, though I imagine he'd have a laugh at being mistaken for Jacob.
That said I agree with your sentiments Jim

The good old days Doug

They sure were Andy O:)

Pre WWI that was. I've lost count these days.
not wanti9ng to cause a riot or step out of bounds but have been in hospital for the last few days. Have I missed some event occuring re Jacob?
Droogs":11jnoymr said:
not wanti9ng to cause a riot or step out of bounds but have been in hospital for the last few days. Have I missed some event occuring re Jacob?

He's stopped posting. We assume he has been banned, but we've not been told. He made a re-appearance under another name for an hour or two, fooled no-one, and that account got banned quickly. Oddly, under that second account name he claimed not to know if he had been banned or not, but was unable to sign in. Maybe moderator silence on these matters extends to not even telling the banned poster that they've been banned.
I'm in a bit of two minds about Jacob.

On the one hand, I really do not like talking about people and saying ill will behind their back (I'm a more say it to your face bluntly kind of person), on the other hand, It kind of feels well-deserved even though I really don't want to say that.

When I was a fresh-faced member about a year and a half ago I used to think "Why is everyone giving this guy so much jib? He seems to know what he's talking about." But over the time I've been here, I've gotten to see a little more of what Jacob is about. I think one of the first viewings I saw of "Rabid Jacob" was in a thread about double glazing where he seemed to have not much of a real idea about what he was wittering on about but still contested pretty much everything anyone was saying including an expert. Another time was that "Grrripper" thread which was subsequently deleted after he went ballistic about the "Grrripper" product and basically seemed to get into an argument with himself, come up with a really daft idea about having a weight on top of a workpiece while surface planing and when contested about the safety about said technique he went all raving looney to anyone who thought it wasn't a good idea, which was pretty much everyone including Peter Sefton who got the Jacob treatment being told to "Fack off" and "You're only here to get people to buy stuff from your overpriced shop" if I remember correctly. The point of what way was the correct way to plane came up again after someone wanted clarification from the deleted thread, This thread ended up being locked in the end, partly because of me admittedly but you can read the thread for yourselves. The late BBC rant thread was another example at times, where things were just pushed too far many times and if I recall correctly someone was compared to a certain historical leader of fascist-leaning by Jacob and he was banned for a week for it. Eventually, the BBC thread was deleted for reasons I'm not quite sure of, but when it did get deleted Jacob threw all his toys out of the pram metaphorically and "accidentally" deleted his account. There was recently a thread about the housing market which was locked after it devolved into a soapbox about left-wing politics by... You guessed it, Jacob. He then opened another thread asking why that thread had been locked and compared the moderation of the forum to Soviet Russia and I assume that is when he was banned as of now.

I'm definitely missing some examples there but those are the main ones that come to my mind when I think of Jacob's character. As Mike said, it's not clear whether he is actually banned or not but after the way "Morris" was dealt with a couple of weeks ago I assume he has been, for how long I have no idea.

To be brutally honest, I agree with AES. I think the ban should be on a permanent basis which is a sad thing really for a member who has been a part of woodworking forums for 15+ years but I think UKW might have been the only one left where he was welcome in the end. I wonder how many members have left quietly over the years after getting the Jacob treatment or who have avoided joining all together because they saw the conflict that happened occasionally? Again, like AES said, there have been a few threads lately where things would normally get extraordinarily heated but for the most part, they've been very civil and some excellent discussion has taken place especially in the "Electric Vehicles" thread where I only saw one comment that could be considered out of place, which was apologised for sincerely and the discussion moved on. I don't think I've ever seen Jacob apologise once, even if he was totally out of order. He only ever seems to dig ever-greater holes to avoid apologising instead of holding his hand up and saying "I made a mistake". But then, should he banned for having a very strong differing opinion to practically everything said on the forum? I dunno.

AGAIN, like AES said, is he the kind of bloke you'd want to spend time with down the pub? Putting it into forum terms, would you ever consider sending Jacob a PM to converse? I doubt many would want to. I'd like to think I could send a PM to pretty much anyone on this forum and have a bit of external forum conversation about pretty much anything and I'd like to think the same is vice versa with myself not to blow hot air up my own buttocks (I've got all the time in the world by the by if anyone wants to chat about anything :wink:), there are some great members here, new and old.

That's my opinion on the subject.
Jacob was a TROLL (for people who dont know what that means regarding the internet, definitions are easily available)
I accused him of being one a couple of times.
He did not refute me, and once even admitted it. "I enjoy it" were his exact words on this forum.

I had an uncle Henry, he went drinking with my dad several times a week. At least once a month uncle Henry would start an argument in the pub, my dad would defend him, and they would both get banned from the pub. Luckily, back then, there were 6 different pubs in easy walking distance, most in sight of each other. So they just moved on. By the time they had got banned from all of them (uncle Henry every single time) the first pub let them back in again.
Uncle Henry was a very nice man, he always bought comics for me when he visited, but uncle Henry was a troll.....
sunnybob":3b7ybg9s said:
Jacob was a TROLL.....

The thing is, he was a self-professed troll. It's in his profile.

The other thing is, it's against the forum rules to call another member a troll. It's unfortunate that the moderators don't police this, and incredibly one of the moderators himself actually called Jacob a troll. One of the failings of moderation here is that at least some of the mods seem to think the rules don't apply to themselves. Nonetheless, I've always been deeply uncomfortable about calling Jacob (or anyone else) names. In theory, until a moderator actually tells us he has indeed been banned, we still shouldn't be calling him a troll, even though this is what he called himself. Indeed, we probably shouldn't even be discussing another member directly until or unless we know he is no longer a member.
MikeG.":3mstjlum said:
The thing is, he was a self-professed troll. It's in his profile.

He stated in a post he hadn’t put that in his profile, interesting that it should go up there just before he was apparently banned :-k
I never understood why some members couldn't just ignore him.
Sure, he could be annoying sometimes, but he certainly didn't have a monopoly in that regard.
I was slightly uncomfortable at the way certain other members responded to him from time to time, ranging from downright confrontational to smugly condescending/patronising. Jacob, for the most part, shrugged it off and carried on doggedly making his point, whether right or wrong.
All in all, it often looked like the RAF had been scrambled to take out a wasp.

Do I miss his contributions? Probably not, but I do agree with the OP in this thread. Playground stuff. He isn't posting anymore for whatever reason, so there's really no need for gloating.
Mike, you missed the point of my post. You say you rarely read his posts anyway, so most likely missed it, but Jacob, when named by me, did not only not deny he was a troll. he admitted he enjoyed winding the people up.

Troll, in internet terms, isnt actually an insult, in the way that you could affectionately call my uncle Henry a S%"t stirrer, because thats what he was. Its a one word description of a type of person that would otherwise take a couple of paragraphs to fully describe.
An insult is something that is not true. The truth can never become an insult.

I sometimes enjoyed the reactions he got, but never follow any thread that goes past three pages, because that has ALWAYS lost its way and descended into chaos.
The same way I dont argue on the internet, because its completely pointless. If I have something to say i say it, and thats the end of it for me, but many people just have to have the last word, even if its not a pleasant one. =D> =D> 8)