Compressor advice for a total noob

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Yes. For most of those uses you'll absolutely need to (airbrush) or will benefit from (nailer, etc) being able to dial in a specific pressure.
Norgren are a reputable brand of regulators, there are several others.
I would want a regulator and water condensing trap (you don't want to feed damp air into any spraying device). Simply fit it after the valve on the outlet of the compressor tank and move the quick release socket to the output end of the chain.
Buy a reg with a gauge (max reading to match your compressor, about 12 bar ?) to show the output pressure, and leave the existing gauge showing the pressure in the tank.
The various bits will probably all fit together using 1/4" British Standard Pipe Tapered (BSPT) threads, sealed with ptfe tape or some loctite thread lock specifically formulated for pneumatic fittings. That's quite cheap on ebay.
Note that the common pipe thread sizes are all made in both taper (BSPT) and parallel (BSPP) forms. Parallel ones seal using washers between shoulders or flats, tapers seal on the thread.
Taper is easier and I think more common for this application. Don't mix and match.
In Germany and some bits of Europe, G denote a parallel pipe thread and R denotes a taper. These are the first letters of German words describing each form.

Pressure gauges commonly have a 1/8" BSPT male thread and screw into a mating socket on the body of the regulator should you ever need to replace one.
Oh that’s great advice. Thank you.

Another quick question. i got this hose but it’s much longer than I need so I decided to cut it and have a spare. I’m fairly certain what I need to order but thought I’d check here first.

I think I need a 1/4” BSP male hose tail for a hose with diameters of 6.35mm internal and 10mm external. So would be correct? Hose Tail 6.35mm (1/4) i/d Hose to Male Thread R 1/4
ive photographed the part I need to replace.

thanks again, really appreciate the help.


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finally after years of proff service, my Swedish hi-flo air line fittings gave up.......
living in France were nothing decent was available that I could find, so bought some from LIDIL....
absolutly perfect after at least 8 years.....when they are in stock I always make sure some end up in her trolley.....
Have a few spares for extra tools........
also their retractable air hose reel works well....€24...I just use it for tyres as it's hose not big enough for the bigger air tools....but will get another for over the bench, air blower and small nailer.........
I used to like galv pipe for around the shop, not sure over there but here we can get plastic air pipe rated at 116bar, 25mm dia to use as fixed plumbing around the shop.....and has compatable BSP brass fittings........
worth the effort not having air lines across the floor all the a fixed air line outlet in the corners of a small shed does make life easyer.......
I would have to go with Clogs on this too. Around twenty years ago my plumber nephew fitted copper pipe with four outlets dropping down the wall from the loft of my long tandem garage workshop. It's great not having to trail hose along the floor. I have a cheap coil air hose for the small brad nailer and air blower and, a reinforced hose for running air to the front drive or rear patio which is the only time I have to trail any air-line.
I think I need a 1/4” BSP male hose tail for a hose with diameters of 6.35mm internal and 10mm external. So would be correct? Hose Tail 6.35mm (1/4) i/d Hose to Male Thread R 1/4
ive photographed the part I need to replace.
It looks to me like you have understood it perfectly.
1/4" aka 6 or 6.35mm (tick)
BSP (tick)
R for a tapered thread (tick)

The only other thing to note is that you can get both male and female quick release fittings with a 1/4" hosetail fitting on the back instead of a thread. That makes it a little more compact and cheaper (search ebay) than having male threaded ends on the hose and screw on QR fittings, but if you snap the hosetail you do have to replace the whole QR fitting.
Thanks very much for the all replies. Sideways, i managed to get that fitting on Saturday and it was indeed correct. Thanks mate. When I got home, I discovered a hose tail euro fitting (like you mentioned) in the box from the compressor. Realising that earlier would have saved me a trip and needing to ask the question..least I have a spare now and a lot more knowledge. Thanks to all.
Compressor and 18 gauge nailer turned up today, unexpectedly. ive got a SGS nailer and the Hyundai 8 litre compressor, both come fitted with euro fittings and I already had a hose with euro fittings on so perfect for a noob.
I haven’t tried it yet as I’m still at work but I’ve just had a look at the instructions online and it appears (unless I’m mistaken) the 8 litre doesn’t have an output regulator. Lack of knowledge/reseach there.

Do I need to install a regulator? I’ll be using the nailer, air blower, tyre inflator (for bicycle) and maybe an airbrush. ive only got the nailer at the moment and the compressor doesn’t exceed the nailers max psi.
If i do need to install one could I get some advice on how/best way to do so.
You should have a regulator. You will use it to get the nailer adjusted just right for the wood you are using (birch ply or soft pine?). For inflation, I use an automotive tire inflator with built in gauge. Mine was quite cheap. I also inflate footballs and basketballs. The regulator is handy for that as you shouldn't over inflate. If you are painting or plasma cutting you will need a water filter or trap.
How is the 8 litre Hyundai? I sometimes have use for a compressor - airbrush, nailer, inflating tyres - but only light stuff and not for extended periods, and I don’t have much room so not really interested in a larger one. The little Hyundai looked like it would suit my needs.
So far, it’s been great. I’ve only used with a 18 gauge nailer and an air duster (Haven’t got round to ordering inflator yet). Biggest brads I’ve used are 30mm and the nailer (Makita on full depth setting, sinks the brads deep enough). I’m not sure if the compressor has enough output for the maximum the gun can handle (50mm). I’d just use my paslode if I needed longer brads in the workshop.

im not sure what it would be like for airbrushing, I’d be interested to know as I’ve been intending to get some airbrush equipment for a while.
it is definitely pretty quiet though.