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Essex Barn Workshop

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11 Jul 2020
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Loughton, Essex
I have never owned a compressor, and am looking at the Hyundai silent 24L which I know many of you have got.

However in checking prices, this SGS popped up, and is under £90 so quite a saving.
and it gives these specs, the highlight of which seems to be air displacement of 9.6 cfm over the Hyundais 5.2


Engine Size: 2.5 HP
Power Consumption: 1.5 kW
Voltage: 230 V @ 50 Hz
Rated Speed: 2850 rpm
Current: 7.5 A
Air Displacement: 9.6 CFM
Sound Level: 97dB
Discharge Pressure: 115 PSI / 8 bar
Restart Pressure: 70 PSI / 4.8 bar
Tank Capacity: 24 litres
Air Outlet: 1/4" BSP to Euro Coupler. The fitting can be swapped for PCL fittings, please check Fitting & Couplers section.
Dimensions: (L) 500mm x (W) 300mm x (H) 600mm

Covered by a 2 year extended warranty.

I want it for air gun, dust blowing and perhaps small item spraying. I'm not expecting to spray paint for any sort of extended time with a 24L tank.

Anyone who understands compressors, what do you think? As it will be used in my workshop on a farm, the noise from the sgs wouldn't be a deal breaker, although obviously I see it as an advantage for the Hyundia.

That SGS is what I use, it works fine and it is a good price. You are not going to get a silent compressor, the smaller high reving ones that a lot of us use are just noisier than a large slow reving version that use large three phase motors and just burble.

If you want to spray they do a 50 litre version as well.
The only reason I plumped for the Hyundai was the racket my old cheapie made meant I was restricted to using it during “social” hours. I’m guessing you might not be using yours at silly o’clock on a farm although if you do try not to upset the livestock 🤫
Having had several piston compressors, I ended up with a Hydrovane compressor
About 3 Kw and it's reasonably quiet.
It does for spray painting and basic workshop requirements.
I run it through a reasonable size air receiver and have plumbed outlets where needed
I would be careful about the cfm figures given. Displacement figures will be well above what it will actually deliver. The figure you really want to know is the FAD, or free air delivery, this is a better guide to actual performance, but is often not quoted in the smaller machines. Any piston machine will be pretty noisy, but they are cheap. Something like sawtooth's Hydrovane will be much quieter, but they are a tad expensive.
I have this model, it sits under my open bench, and it is very quiet, don't need ear defenders on when it's running. Holds pressure well too. Had it about 18 months, got it when on offer at @ £130. Only really use ìt for nail gun, spraying and blow downs, great, but won't run air sander or air drill, even though its supposed to be 8.4cfm.
It replaced an Aldi one which had died after 3 years, and basically was carp in comparison.