Bandsaw finally gave up - quick request for views..

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17 May 2020
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So, the 'family' saw finally gave up after only 65 years and 3 generations - piece of rubbish! Apparently willpower and welding just isn't enough to keep it going..

So, I've been surfing the interwebs, and there's so many contending views, so I thought I'd ask here.

I need a saw that has a reasonably large (cast iron) table (12" throat min), used mostly for sizing board between 4 "and 10" wide, and resawing hardwoods up to 200mm at a practical pace, single phase 13A and not a silly price. It's my go-to saw so needs to be reliable and once set up properly, not too needy in terms of fettling.

Normally, I'd drive around the usual suspects and look at the common brands on offer, but at the moment, that's not thoughts please folks.
Budget Range and is secondhand an option, before we all weigh in with Startrite etc etc?

Have you tried looking at Scott+Sargeant? They can't be far from you in Horsham and offer a large range to suit all needs including s/h.
I've just bought a Record Sabre 350 and am massively impressed with it. Worth pointing out my previous short-lived Bandsaw was a little Axy craft machine.

The Sabre 350 bearings are really easy to set up, I can do a blade swap in under 5 min now. It's got plenty of power and a solid fence. I've happily ripped 9-10 inch maple, cherry, Walnut and oak on it using a Tuff Saws 3tpi sabrecut blade.

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