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6 Nov 2005
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My cheapo 12" wheel bandsaw wasn't cutting great so I decided to give it an inspection. First thing I noticed were the thrust bearings. The top bearing (it's just a hardened disc) had a deep groove in it, so it had obviously stopped spinning. Almost certainly dust getting into the spindle housing. Fortunately I have a spare. The bottom is a race bearing and was looking a bit chewed. Not surprising as that hasn't been changed since I bought the saw some 22 years ago!
I was a bit surprised that the main wheel bearings were showing some issues. The bottom wheel had some play in it, the top wheel had the distinctive ticking noise as I rotated it. These were SKF replacements, around 8 years ago - must be said that the saw hasn't seen much use in those 8 years, pretty light hobby use. The original cheap Chinese bearings saw much more heavy use and lasted far longer. Perhaps I'm cranking the blade tension too high? For some silly reason I seem to have ordered the metal shield version when I was advised (on this very forum) to use the rubber seal. I've now ordered the rubber version.
Now to the tyres. Some 22 years later they still look OK(ish). Incredibly good Chinese rubber! There is the odd sign that they are just beginning to degrade, the odd very fine crack. If I gave them a light sanding I'd probably get another few years out of them but I've decided to try some self adhesive rubberised cork, just because. I removed the tyres and thought of turning them inside out but rubber obviously has a memory, they were cambered the wrong way.
Now for something different. You can fast forward to 5 mins 30 secs. So much for bandsaw set up! (yes, I know it's a straight cut).