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15 Nov 2012
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As we are so busy i needed a second stapler, purchased the Axminster Narrow crown stapler, which takes an 18G narrow crown staple, purchased a box of 18G narrow crown staples to go with it and guess what the staples don't fit in the slot.
Got onto sales and tec and they could not work it out, they asked me to take pictures of
the gun where it says 18G and the 18G box. I sent all this in to the lady dealing with it and 24Hrs later
nothing back, on the phone for 10 mins listening to some lousy music gave up and emailed the lady
again and gave my number for her to ring, again nothing.
The blurb in the catalogue says it takes 5.8mm wide staples and with a vernier the slot in the gun is
5.3mm wide.
Roll on Monday !
Well let me tell you my todays tail of woe..........
Yesterday one of my trade customers tells me that the 4 ovens don't fit in the holes we created, staff framed shaker kitchen.
I'm convinced they do, ask them to double check, they tell me the gap in each oven housing is 140mm to small. Bit of discussion but agree to collect this morning, alter in the day and return.
Up at 5.30am to collect early, back in the workshop and all altered after 3hrs ................ then get a call telling me they have now unwrapped the boxes and they do fit ............. WTF.
So all afternoon to return them back to how they were yesterday............
Sideways":3c5hkds9 said:
Contract variation x2
Bill 'em !

No not my style, it'll all work out in the long run.
These are very good repeat trade clients.
Bob, time to open a bottle !
We all have day's like that !
One job springs to mind i did years ago, made a tripple wardrobe for a customers child No 1 bedroom, 6 years later they wanted another the same size made for child No 2's bedroom. When we came to carry it up the stairs no matter what we did it would not go up. After an hour of measuring and head
scratching the customer said in the years after the first wardrobe went up and the second was made
the stairs had been rebuilt. The header ( if that is the right word ) was 1 inch lower.
Had to take the damn thing back to the workshop cut it in half then stitch it back together when in place !
Sawdust1 I think you should try and get a job there in customer service! Wont need your guillotine then!

8) 8)

LOL sawdust............. Years ago days like today would have really got to me, I'm now much more mellow about it now, and know in the big picture these are just minor blips and overall things are OK. That's all I really want, OK will do me :D
The phrase "its just OK" is completely wrong in context.

OK, when first used, was to denote the best, not the average.

The originator Oliver Kennedy was an armourer in the colt firearms factory. In war time production, when many guns were poorly made and assembled and unreliable, servicemen knew that if they had a gun stamped "OK" they knew it would work and be of the best quality. So the phrase "youre an OK kind of guy" was high praise.
A far cry from todays "well, I suppose its OK, just" :roll:

Normal service will now be resumed. 8)
adidat you can have my guillotine when i retire, nearly 61 so not long to go !
That approach from Dr Bob guarantees repeat business. When I was property developing and buying in kitchens from artisan workshops, that helpfulness would have guaranteed repeat business. People don't screw up deliberately and tolerance all round oils the wheels of good business.
Axminister may well be suffering from the effects of Furlow. I find it a very interesting system, where by, once your on it, it’s down to the employee to decide when they feel it’s ‘safe’ to return to work. Feeling it’s not yet safe enough to venture out, Child care, caring for others, vulnerable person in the house are all valid reasons not to return to work. So, Axminster are trying to be open to pay the bills, and don’t have sufficient staff returning back to fulfil every function properly we should I believe cut them some slack, in fact applaud the, for getting / keeping things going as best they can. After all, they can’t insist on staff returning. Just a different perspective.
I have never had any affiliation with Axi so no axe to grind.

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