Average wooden window frames


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10 Nov 2013
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Thundersley, Essex
I have an endless supply of stripped out window/doors frames if I wanted it and was hoping someone might know what wood was used for them. I’d say 95% of the frames that come into work have a reddish colour to the wood, and one of the fitters said they was mostly made from some kind of mahogany, wasn’t sure if he was right or not?
Selwyn":q3s9or6e said:

Afromosia was popular once

I will get some pictures during the week. I work at a waste transfer site and we get a huge number of window fitters use us to dispose of the windows and doors they replace. They are all different companies and I’d say All the wooden frames they tip look to be the same type of wood.

A quick google and these are just like the ones we get tipped. Vague I know just interesting to find out if anyone had an idea of what was commonly used


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Nearly all windows and frames I salvage are iroko, but if its a darker red it could be red meranti.
Although I find meranti is mainly used on doors, and frames.

You could make a nice greenhouse from the windows, there's some fantastic looking ones on google images.

RobinBHM":2983a6my said:
I always think sapele has a nice smell of sweet spice.
Carrots and parsnips to me :)

I can’t really smell them anymore, I’ve gone nose blind to the ones I usually use like Sapele, Accoya and Oak. It’s only faint scents now, people always come in and comment on the smell but I just can’t smell it the same as when I started the job.

Although if I’m out of the workshop for a couple of weeks the smell does come back a little.

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