Anyone bought tools from abroad ?

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25 Aug 2008
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I am considering buying a new Mafell KSS300, and cheapest place by far is Germany, my local dealer wants £550 + VAT but from Germany its £440 delivered.

I have bought Rukka clothing from Germany before and was delighted with price and fast delivery, and I'm hoping tools will be the same.
Yeah recently bought a bosch drill and fein multimaster from Germany. Big savings, took five minutes to change the plug to a 3 pin one and off I went!

Yes, all the time and from many different countries. Stick from within the EU and there's no extra duty or taxes. Importing from outside EU it can get expensive.
I've bought a few items from Dieter Schmid in Germany. His prices are mostly competitive, the exchange rate he uses has been fair and delivery has been prompt.

Just received an Mafell Aerofix track from Germany - delivery was a bit expensive - I gather German Post etc charges are much higher than ours - arrived in 2 days, well packed and nevertheless considerably cheaper than UK delivered price. Only drawback is you may have to send to Germany if g'tee claim is needed.

can you suggest any german powertool suppliers that you rate.... looking at deiter schmid's hand tool prices, the otential savings are pretty hefty.

apologies for no caps etc - bad keyboard
I just bought quite abit of stuff from werkzeug-entenmann on eBay really good prices I think the delivery was €18 for a large heavy box

Excellent customer service and the order was dispatched on Friday and arrived on Monday.

Would definitely recommend.

I've bought several items from America, and Germany.
Mainly Motorbike and workshop related items without any problems so far.Regards Rodders
Dieter Schmid in Germany, Veritas in Canada, Bridge City Tools in USA. They all arrived safely, but the duty on products from outside the EU takes the fun out of receiving a parcel!
When the Euro is weak - the German suppliers are very good value and give an excellent service. Most speak English too.

Just beware of US stuff, they run on 60hz we use 50hz. May not matter for some things but others it can. Even once stepped down to 110v the frequency stays the same.
Yes. I bought my IKRA KSE 2400-45 chainsaw direct from the factory that makes them in Germany. Excelllent service and goods. They have a website so you can browse.

chainsaws are the mogatec line...

Note unlike some, they have a service centre in every country, but only sell direct from the factory, which will do repairs and supply spare parts for anyone. They also gurantee to keep parts for 15 years after a product ceases production..
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eBay 181127424310 is even cheaper.

Interested in lookinig, but am I the only who can't get this link to work?


It's an eBay item number.
Type them in the search bar on eBay hit search, away you go.
I ended up with Bort & Ekhart off ebay. I'll let you know if I have any problems. I looked at Screwfix who sell these saws for £550 so I got a bargain at £440, much less than normal selling price of £660.