Suggest a jigsaw blade - c16 cutting along the grain

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2 Jun 2015
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The original Mafell blades have been excellent for cutting along the grain. Then I noticed a bit of warping (of just the blade hopefully) which I'm putting down to me using them to cut along the grain for over 3m of C16. Through 50mm thickness, so probably running them to the limit which is generally shown as 64mm.

Doubt they'd have expected anyone to use them like I'm doing. Anyway, so I invested in some Festool blades which were rated for hardwood and I expected this would do the job into C16 (as it's softwood right). Well, they did kindof work ok but after using the first blade I checked em for trueness.

Almost everyone is slightly warped (brandnew) so I contacted the seller in ebay. A large wholsesale workshop/tools supplier who assured me they're not seconds at all and they're replacing them. Replacements are coming from Germany, which leads me to the Milwaukee blades I'd bought from Screwfix just earlier before investing in the Fes.

The Milwaukee (very cheap for a 5 pack), also rated for hardwood and also not giving square cuts. Also made in Germany and also (I only checked afterwards the remaining brandnew blades) slightly off-true. I've tried with various straight edges and I'm pretty certain it's not in my head - though it does feel like it.

Now, the question is - aside from the trueness of the blades which must be a poorly batch issue or something - am I incorrect in thinking that a blade rated for hardwood should be strong enough to cut nicely through C16 (softwood?)?? Other question is, which would be you advice/suggestions to someone (daft enough to want to) use/using a jigsaw to cut along the grain in 50mm thick C16.

I've narrowed it down to (going slightly longer this time) these or something similar to em

I'd have added the pics of the bad batched blades, but you'll just have to take my word for it 😉

Thanks once again and in advance...
Unless you use double thickness Mafell blades, they will all wander and softwood is worse than hardwood for blades following the grain. Jigsaw blades always have some flex in them. Go slower and don't use the speed function at all (which moves the blade in an arc). Use a circular saw or table saw instead.

Phil and I crossed
Lol... I was just coming back to say just that..
That yes, I did think about going and investing in another circular saw (was glad when I last sold it off after a big project and said, never again for various reasons) but trying my best to hold off. Afterall, I've managed to get through (the grains of about 5 x 4m lengths) without too much wander. Just when the thick Mafell blade died - which did alot more lengths than just this project - it's left me in a bit of a stickle...

Option noted though (just 2 more pieces left now 😆).
Thanks @Limey Lurker yes, I went yesterday to Wickes and got 3 grades of Makita blades. Not found any that are warped thankfully (I've been having a bit of a bad run) and low teeth counts of about 6 to 8. Seem to be doing the job nicely with only slightly out of trueness...

Yes, I tried with the pendulum action off but I'd be there foreever. So settle for setting 3 (out of 5) and a bit of patience...