Another Wood I.D. Please

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3 Nov 2017
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Kinver, Staffordshire, UK
I've had this wood for many years but I don't know what it is. The pieces I had and some I still have are no more than 50mm wide by 200mm long. It turns like oak and at close inspection the grain is very similar to oak. So, my feeling is it is an oak species of some kind. Could anyone put me right?

Thanks, everyone. I think I'll go with brown oak. Wish I had enough for a larger project because it really is beautiful, feature-rich timber. I've been desperately looking for a photograph of a small box I made from Sheaoak. I know it was pre-2010 because my brother that gave me the piece was still alive. He would get me all sorts of exotic off-cuts hence why I usually only have enough for small projects. Nice wood to work with not dissimilar to white oak.
I turned a bowl from a chunk of common English oak from a tree that was cut down in my inlaws garden. It was just as dark brown as that, The colour is often due to fungal infection.

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