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21 Jul 2013
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Just wondering if anyone has a view or experienced the; Ferrex Wood Jointer/Planer from Aldi - one of you may recognise its a rebadged something or other - what attract me is 3 years warranty and they take items back with out any fuss.
Im pretty sure it will be powered by a brush motor as opposed to an induction. I wouldn't even think about it for that alone... horrendously noisy. Why not watch out on ebay for a used decent one?
Thanks for that - too noisy and it wouldn't get used - will look for a second hand one.
The most noise is from the planner cutting and the extract you should use, but ear defenders are a good idea.
I bought a corded Clarke planer from Machinemart years ago. I'm pretty sure it's the same rebranded thing as all other 30 quid planers on the market. It actually works fine and I've planed some hardwood doors with the thing fine but they're not a nice tool to work with due to the foot plates being rather thin. Lacking an edge guide and no real mounting bits to fabricate your own guide.

Just bought a Makita 18v planer last week and couldn't be happier. Nine time as much as the Clarke one but it's well worth it.

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