Advice on a combination machine most likely to come up in the UK

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You've come just at the time; I'm about to put my Felder on the market at a price well within your budget including all the tooling. It resides in my 10 x 6 w/s. I'm pretty sure you could accommodate it. Come and have a look. I'm only an hour up the M5. PM me if interested.
Is your felder still for sale?, I would be interested, thank you Pat
Brizzle to plymuff?? 🙃
Get good insurance 😉

On a serious note, what exactly are you going to be making? I had a robland/ startrite combo, it was a halfway house that didnt tick any boxes for me.
Newer machines will be better, but on mine, the tablesaw was not coplanar to the planer, so you could only plane 8" wide stock with no chance of overhang. The tablesaw had something like 220mm rip width between the blade and the fence which is probably enough if you just want to make windows and doors, but impossible to rip down sheet material, so do your homework on any prospective model.
I concluded that seperate machines were better for me and sold it on again
i have the 310 robland combo, rips 100mm x 1800mm long on the slider dead straight,600mm between blade and fence, planes and thicknesses 300mm plus spindle. not the best i know but also not the most expensive

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