2020 Secret Santa ......and we're off!


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Those boxes are really nice, shame we miss out on all the WIPs in Secret Santa would love to see how they’re made
They are oval in shape and have wooden beads on the fronts. They all fit together so well, the skill to make them is amazing. I can't stress enough just how happy I am to receive them
I have some of those guages. I'm guessing that the two tones of clamp now indicate whether it is an internal or external face on the the marking pin? They are very comforting to use

That's right - and the very best thing is I no longer have to mark by abusing my calipers and dragging a ragged scratch mark along the wood! I'm genuinely thrilled. Thanks again SS
Some absolutely stunning gifts on view again! Next year might be the year I dare to get involved.
The wood used is phenomenal, almost has me believing in tartanwood
A nice dough knife (strangely I've just thrown away a rusty stainless steel one:)) and this beautiful pencil - too nice to actually use -
I’m back on the coffee table project and starting to mark joints, so much more pleasurable than my old plastic throwaway knives. Thanks again SS.


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This above is the workshop pencil that I am trying to describe below, on how the Celtic knots was produced.

This is the jig I made to produce the 45° Celtic knots in the pencil. You have to make 4 separate cuts on a blank that is exactly square and the same dimensions on all 4 sides.
Number the sides 1,2,3,4.
Whatever infill you use needs to be the same thickness as the kerf of your bandsaw blade you are using.20200831_141534.jpg
This is the pencil blank finished before cutting into separate turning blanks. Then drilling and turning and finishing with sanding to 1200grit cleaning with methelated spirit. 4 Coats of thin Zap CA followed by4 Coats of medium Zap CA then through the 9 micromesh pads, finishing with quality cr polish.
There a couple of good videos on YouTube show how to do this. However they dont explain the importance of square, sized blank and infill size to kerf cut.20201229_163718.jpg
These above are a bit more complicated but the same principle. Very time consuming to get the accuracy of the knots so they all cross inline correctly.
Hope you find this information informative you can see and not to boring 🤣🤣🤣
Always follow this thread with interest. Too far away to participate , but am amazed by the thought and quality of the gifts. well done guys.
And all the best for 2021
For my secret Santa I received a box of usefulness. Unfortunately, Santa was anonymous so I cannot say thank you properly, but I am very grateful.

I got a handy tape measure to keep in my pocket at all times, a set of mitre clamps and an extension lead that I haven't seen the likes of before. It is a handy length, but more usefully the sockets are spaced out along the length rather than just being at the end. This is perfect for my garage set up where I only have a double socket. Santa knew me well because I dread mitres because I have no suitable clamps, and I frequently have to estimate things using a foot or hand (not horses).

Thank you Santa, and thanks Phil.

Santa was right- that tiny tape measure is useful every single day for one thing or another. I highly recommend everybody getting one to keep in a pocket with a small pen or pencil and a scrap of paper.

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