2020 Secret Santa ......and we're off!


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Many thanks to my anonymous Santa. This wax sounds really good stuff has a multitude of uses according to the manufacturers description.
Will be tried out shortly.
Merry Xmas and hope you have great time over the holiday period.
I want to thank my S/S for the fantastic gifts. I am the new looker afterer of some excellent old tools. My box had a Stanley #90, a rather fetching rosewood marking gauge, a properly set largish wooden spokeshave and an endearing I Sorby bevel edge chisel. So for me an excellent haul as they say. Many many thanks to all who take part in this event each year, it truly is a highlight. Best of seasons greetings and wishes to all


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I need to sort out photos but

I received a perfectly executed oak garden kneeler.
Santa, it is a far too good piece of furniture to use in the garden, so I have turned it upside down and it now has pride of place next to my chair for my drinks holder. Without photos this may sound strange, but you will all see what I mean once posted. I am blown away by the craftsmanship that has gone into this beautifully designed item, your skills are something I aspire to. A true heirloom piece! Love the small butterfly in the slight grain defect, mark of a true perfectionist.

And to top it all off, a bottle of my favourite malt. ,!!
Just opened mine and have a really great set of pieces for marking out


A small square, marking knife, scratch awl, ruler and pencils.

Some nice turning being displayed on the awl and knife which will see plenty of use.

Merry Christmas and many thanks to Secret Santa. It’s really great to be able to receive something that someone’s clearly put a lot of thought and effort into making.

Hopefully I can do them justice with the things I make using them in the future.
I am exremely happy, a beautifully made marking knife which is far superior to the lump of 01 I currently use and two impeccably finished dovetail markers to get me started on my first dovetails. Spoilt rotten!
All will be carefully looked after and have an extra special place in my shed. Many thanks to the maker and also to Phil for taking the time and trouble to organise this great event.

Gosh, I'm lucky. To make a drawknife is quite a challenge needing a lot of skill and effort. To make one and give it away, that is extraordinary. And if that effort were not enough, a lovely marking knife too. I feel delighted and honoured to receive these. The maker has slightly given the game away with the stamp on the drawknife, in case we didn't recognise the trademark purple wood and shiny steel combination of the marking knife. And rightly so, he deserves the credit. Cheers Richard ... err Santa.

As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I'm recovering from a broken ankle at the moment or I would give the drawknife a test run this afternoon. I'll certainly be giving it a go at the first opportunity.

Thannks also to Phil for organizing. Top job.
Here is my fabulous present, a gorgeous set of marking knives beutifully presented in a Yew and Oak Box. I am looking forward to using them on my planned projects in the new year. Thank you my Secret Santa. And a public Thank you to Phil for organising this again.


Thank you too from Mrs C! How very thoughtful, Santa, and very much appreciated. Still very much a novice in need of a lot of practice and these blanks will certainly help. Thank you very much!

These were included for Mrs C :)
Merry Christmas forum friends.

Here is a picture of my fabulous gift from Mark (Marcros). An optical centre punch.

A hand turned holder, acrylic optic (sitting in the holder) and hardened punch. Ingenious design and execution. Well done Mark.


Always enjoy the secret santa event. Some terrific gifts this year. The talent and skill of forum members never ceases to amaze.

Well done everyone, and special thanks again to Phil for organising this fun event.


Escudo (Tony)
These marking gauges are G O R G E O U S - thank you so much SS. What the photo doesn't do justice to is the feel of them - so smooth and tactile.
I might just wander round, you know, kinda holding them and thinking about marking out...

Wonderful - thanks again


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I have some of those guages. I'm guessing that the two tones of clamp now indicate whether it is an internal or external face on the the marking pin? They are very comforting to use
I was delighted to receive a strongly made wooden packing case containing this North Bros No. 1555 breast drill. It is an "all-singing-all-dancing" model with a switch to select between five modes of operation: "Plain", "L.H. Ratchet", "R.H.", "R.H. Double" and "Lock". There are also a small lever and a knurled portion which I do not yet know the functions of. The side handle is missing, as is often the case with old drills but I am equipped to make such items and I'll produce one without delay. Thank you so much Santa (Alan, aka Droogs).

Thanks also to Phil for organising again.
You are more than welcome RXh, it has "10" modes as the other selector on top is for changing the gearing ratios that you want to use for either drilling or driving screws.
thankyou very much for my secret santa gift! it's a really nice walnut guitar, I'll probably put it on the garage workshop wall, it will remind me to keep playing guitar, nice card as well to go with it,

merry christmas everyone!


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I always seem to get wonderful items from the secret Santa's I have had and this year is no different. I am so pleased to receive a set of 3 nestling boxes. The photo's really do not do them justice and mere words could not describe how well made they are. Secret Santa hold your head up high you have an amazing skill set.