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    Best size stebcentre?

    Any recommendations for the best size to buy if I can only afford one. Maybe 7/8 ?
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    1 Drill chuck MT arbors . 2 Pipe centres

    2 different questions: 1 - I need a 13mm drill chuck on an MT2 arbor. Axy do one for £11.30. Record Power is more than twice that. However, the Axy has a tang at the knockout end whereas the Record has a circular end. Does that matter? 2 I need a mini faceplate to mount on a live centre. Axy...
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    Sanding Plate

    I second the warning about Velcro. I used this method and bought el cheapo discs from Toolstation. When I tried to get square off some pen blanks , I never seemed to get either a uniformly flat face on the end grain or a face at right angles. Now some of this is down to my rather crude jigs...
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    What smaller lathe??

    I may be able to help - see private email
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    0.5 micron filters or put machine outside?

    Good point abut clogged filters on camvac and similar. I don't understand why the high speed low volume camvac machine can make do with a paper bag costing £small whereas on the low speed high volume chip/ dust types, it is well over £100 to get the same result
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    0.5 micron filters or put machine outside?

    We are told that filtering down to .5 micron is essential for health. Yet on the low speed high volume chip/dust extractors, such filters are an extra cost > £100. I assume that all filtering is upstream of the exhaust outlet, so that if the exhaust ( or the complete extractor ) is in a...
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    Lazy Susan - largest size platter

    Considering making one using bearings from Axy, Stiles &Bates etc. However, to be really useful, it would have to be a pretty large diameter platter (think oriental restaurants). Small ones would seem to be pretty useless as on a small table - you can just reach acrosss. What is the max diam...
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    circular cutter tools - what am I missing

    Reading my latest copy of Woodturning I am losing count of the number of firms pushing tools using circular tunsten carbide cutters. What's the difference between the cutting edge of a gouge and the cutting edge of a small circular cutter presented at the some position on the workpiece? I can...
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    Captive ring home made tool

    I fancy a go at one of these. However, I get the impression it's a novelty thing you do a few times then never again so does anyone have suggestion for curved scraper thingy or can they be done without special tools?
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    home made button jaws

    Kim, are those cheap cole jaws still available?
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    home made button jaws

    I had a go at a DIY version based on mdf quadrants fixed to a nova scroll chuck jaws but I wasn't very happy with my efforts. I didn't drill the holes for the button screws as accurately as they should be. Also the rubber material I used for the buttons was too soft and not truly cylindrical...
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    Best finish for peppermills

    These are going to be handled a lot, especially by the "cook" so I am wondering what finish works best ?
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    Spiral segments chas jones Woodturning Mag Nov

    Thanks Chas - hadn't spotted the link. Like you say in the Mag, accuracy of cutting being tested but unlike straight line segments, no planer or belt sander to finess each piece to a standard size. Did you cut freehand on a bandsaw with a thin blade or with some guide bush thingy and a scroll saw?
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    Spiral segments chas jones Woodturning Mag Nov

    On page 75 there is a pic of a pen holder with spiral segments arranged caterine wheel fashion. I am intrigued as to how this is done so if Chas is on this forum, I would appreciate some pointers.
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    Cryo or Kryo - worth it?

    Looking to buy a 3/8 bowl gouge. Crown have a cryo version via Axy £31.15 and Henry Taylor have a Kryo at £45.60 (non Kryo £35.40) via Toolpost. Sorby have some premium gouges as well. Is it worth the extra? In the case of the Crown, its a reasonable price anyway?