Best finish for peppermills

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Shay Vings

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17 Apr 2009
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These are going to be handled a lot, especially by the "cook" so I am wondering what finish works best ?
The ones I have made have been finished in melamine lacquer, but I would imagine a shellac friction polish would be acceptable if a less "plasticy" finish is desired.
I would say oil of some sort as it penetrates deep into the wood so it will last for years and is easy to maintain when it eventually does wear I wouldn't use polish as a cooks hands are often wet and a working kitchen is often a damp place and a polish finish wouldn't last very long
I'd go for 2 or even three thin coats of Osmo Oil (or a similar hardwax oil). Osmo oil is used on kitchen worktops so is ideal for items that get used in kitchens - the latest tin I bought actually stated that it was food safe too. If you buff the finished items using a buffing wheel system once the oil is really dry (at least 24 hours per coat) you can achieve a fairly durable glossy finish too. Without buffing you'll get a nice water repellent matt finish. Obviously with very repeated handling any finish will wear off, but the nice thing about hardwax oils is that a "refresher coat" will bring the look of the item back to virtually new.
thats intresting because being a newbie i didnt realise there was so many different food safe finishes available the imediate one that springs to my mind is the melamine rout coz of all the utensiles available at this present time in life .

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