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Shay Vings

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17 Apr 2009
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On page 75 there is a pic of a pen holder with spiral segments arranged caterine wheel fashion. I am intrigued as to how this is done so if Chas is on this forum, I would appreciate some pointers.
This link from my web site shows the basic principle if not the full "how"

And then of course like anything else to do with woodwork, lots of practise.


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Thanks Chas - hadn't spotted the link. Like you say in the Mag, accuracy of cutting being tested but unlike straight line segments, no planer or belt sander to finess each piece to a standard size. Did you cut freehand on a bandsaw with a thin blade or with some guide bush thingy and a scroll saw?
The pieces are roughly cut on a bandsaw, you will never cut the profile accurately enough with any saw.
The inner profile is finished to an exact radius on a sanding drum.
The matching outer radius and segment width is finished on a 305mm disc sander.

I consider Sanding in this context as cutting as it's profile forming not finishing.
If , like me, you cant cut a smooth line (cough! tools! cough :wink: ) I guess for the inner (concave) curve you could turn a round to size and stick abrasive on the outer edge (like a grinding wheel) :? and maybe a bigger hamster wheel with abrasive on the running track for the convex curve :)

Edit: Chas beat me to it but I was close :)
nev":nn4d9jj0 said:
...maybe a bigger hamster wheel with abrasive on the running track for the convex curve
Good first thought =D> ,
It don't work though other than the rapid removal of the finger tips and you can't control the segment width with any consistency.

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