1 Drill chuck MT arbors . 2 Pipe centres


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Shay Vings

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17 Apr 2009
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2 different questions:

1 - I need a 13mm drill chuck on an MT2 arbor. Axy do one for £11.30. Record Power is more than twice that.
However, the Axy has a tang at the knockout end whereas the Record has a circular end. Does that matter?

2 I need a mini faceplate to mount on a live centre. Axy do these either separately or in a 6 piece kit. In that kit, there is something called a pipe centre which looks very similar to the 60 deg standard cone centre in the same set. So what's a pipe centre do that the standard cone won't?

In answer to question 1. - If you need to knock out the taper from behind, grind off the tab, I'd be more concerned with the standard of the chuck personally.

Question 2. - From your description - nothing.

Regards Mick

Edited to remove my ramblings based on confusion between live and dead centres
The extra bit on the MT is a mystery to me. The only difference I have found is that it generally means you can't bring the quill of the tailstock right in without ejecting the drill chuck (depending upon your lathe). The reason, I would uess, is an engineering one - not my area of expertese!!

I haven't looked at the picture but a Pipe centre is usually a cone of a larger diameter and usually doesn't have a point. It is designed to drive pipes or tubes or anything with a hole in, so you use the sides of the cone rather than the tip, as you would with a standard centre.


The reason for the tang is that when you fot it in a drill or similar the tang fits in a slot so it stops the arbour spinning in the holder.

The Tang on the rear of a Morse taper is to form an anti rotation lock in an engineering pillar drill. It also obviously provides a contact point when using a taper wedge to remove it.

And of course the rear extension be it round or a flatted tang is needed in tail stock use if you are going to use the automatic ejection function as referred to by Richard when it comes into contact with the end of the tail stock worm thread.

Edit:- JPT beat me to it :)

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