Yes its a chisel but whats it for and called?

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21 Nov 2014
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West Sussex England
Discovered this in a box of chisels I inherited some time ago made by Woodcock possible initial F or W cast steel
1/4 inch overall length about 91/2 inches socketed handle might be Ash but does it matter? 1930's vintage?
So any ideas folks what/why the shape and its purpose please


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I guess it's just an ordinary chisel which the owner has filed into shape for a purpose, possibly turning or carving, we'll never know!
Looks very much like a woodturning beading tool Sorby

Not quite as pretty as the £200 set from Sorby and possibly a one off workshop grind.
I would agree that it a tack lifter, used in upholstery or shoe mending. Whether it started life as such is open to question. Most tack lifters (I have several) are cranked not straight like this one.
Thanks all for your suggestions
I don't think its a tack lifter as its not cranked or a beading tool
Not sure about the easing the edge of a bit of leather but maybe but its too clean looking
Unfortunately I couldn't make out the tool on the Facebook video
I tried putting a block of square planed wood in a vice and used it to relieve the corners (make the corners a bit round) and it sort of worked as long as you use it in the direction of the grain as otherwise it digs in.
As Jacob said maybe its a chisel modified for a specific task - unless someone comes up with a cunning plan we may never know.
I don't think it's a chisel at all, there's no cutting edge.
I'd suggest it's a pry for removing tacks etc when re-upholstering. I'm sure I've seen something similar in an upholstery workshop.
My thoughts exactly, we used a very similar tool back in the day.


Looks like a user ground chisel to me - need a tool make a tool

Fulfilled whichever job the user had that warranted making a tool for
Just the boots ?
View attachment 176768

Or did you make the whole gimp suit too ?
I had to look up "Gimp suit" not something that i am familiar with. You obviously hang out in different company than I, and I am not saying that there is anything wrong with your lifestyle choice mate. I doubt that we will be bumping into each other at the same social gatherings. I made them for when I was riding my motocross bike. So they were worn with a different leather suit than yours.


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Thanks all - the conclusion is undoubtedly tack lifter so it can go back in the box for now - maybe it will find a new life as a chisel next time the grinder is used.
Looking around Woodcock chisels seem to be ok

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