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Derbyshire Open Arts in a couple of weeks. https://www.derbyshireopenarts.co.uk/
You could drop in to the chapel we converted, now occupied by Derek & Tessa https://www.derbyshireopenarts.co.uk/artists/derek-harbinson
which we are pleased about as he is a craftsman and using the building as we intended - could have ended up as flats, air BNB, massage parlour etc :rolleyes:
Three woodworkers turn up on the Derbyshire Open Arts page: https://www.derbyshireopenarts.co.u...=All&solo=All&undefined=Apply&undefined=Apply
I went to Harrogate Toolfair today, it was okay but nothing amazing. I go every year and always say I won't bother next time but still end up going, it's the free entry, free parking and free bacon sandwich that sucks me in.

I stocked up on Big Wipes as they are always on a good deal and bought a little square from Hultafors, I do like their stuff, it's generally good quality, well designed and not silly money.
How did the show go?
good, Saturday was absolutely rammed, easily double last year (which was pretty decent). Sunday was pretty terrible, half or a third of last year. I didn't get much of a chance to look around other than my pre-show amble (with a terrible terrible hangover on Sunday), but the after party and evening in the Hilton more than made up for that, it's so great to be able to spend time with other makers and friends I've made on instagram.


Not long to wait!

An amazing day packed with live demonstrations, great show offers, free parking and refreshments. Plus help and advice from our team of experts.

To mark our 25th Anniversary, we've unveiled a brand-new showroom that's packed with innovative and sought-after products from top brands like Milescraft, INCRA, iGaging, JessEm, Woodpeckers, Bow Products, Armor Tool, FastCap, and our exclusive brands AUKTools and Verum. It's your perfect chance to test out a wide range of products, including our selection of Router Tables from AUKTools, INCRA, and JessEm, before making your purchase!

Timber Sale
We are also offering amazing deals on a wide range of English, American and exotic timbers including turning blanks, planks and planed boards.


Demonstrations from the Wood Workers Workshop team
Owner Peter Sefton - planes from Melbourne Tool Company and sharpening
Jim showcasing Router Tables from AUKTools, INCRA and JessEm
Jon presenting a range of tools from Woodpeckers USA
Craig - pocket hole systems from Milescraft and Armor Tool
Andy will be on hand with expert advice in our new showroom

Guest Demonstrators
Keith Fenton - woodturning techniques
Ryan from Veritas will be demonstrating their range of products
Alex from Pony Jorgensen showcasing their range of clamps

When and Where
Saturday 8th June from 10am to 2pm
The Threshing Barn, Welland Road, Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire WR8 0SN

Check out last year's Tool Show


Tickets are sold out to the Blackbushe air day, not sure what the limit was but a couple of weeks ago they had sold 4500 entry tickets so I'll be more than happy if only 1% come buy something 😀
On a similar not I've applied for a stall at The Oak Fair in Devon in August, fingers crossed they accept 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞(it depends if they like what they see when they look at photos of my wok)

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