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5 Aug 2010
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I have a small workshop with a bandsaw, table saw and other dust producing bits. Think it's about time I got a dustextractor but not sure which one. Don't want to spen too much and would be happy to buy seconf hand, and suggestions would be welcome on which one to go for.
I've done exactly that! Only to take the fine dust off the top of the blade, though- I think it would be a bit of a pain using it for the whole lot- you'd have to empty it every 5 mins
Beware of the difference between dust extractor and chip collector. Same thing in a way but different purpose.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner. They have fine particle filter (which will need changing / washing) and are high pressure low volume sucker. Great for bandsaw, hand power tools etc but no good for planer/thicknesser.

Chip collectors (dust extractors like the Axi or similar) are low pressure high volume suckers. They don't filter fine dust very well comparatively. Works on the saws as well ( and you will find the 100mm port that these fits onto) and works with planer/thicknesser.

I have both.
Thanks guys, that kinda sorts it out then as I only use the table saw and bandsaw so no chips to worry about.
Thanks for the feedback.