looking for a decent dust extractor


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21 May 2024
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any good advice on a decent dust extractor not to noisy looking to pipe up to planer bandsaw table saw etc
budget 1k to 1.5k thanks
is this machine any do people know AXMINSTER PROFESSIONAL AP340E 3HP EXTRACTOR - 230V
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That's a big piece of kit, for presumably a home workshop, do you have the space and the power supply for it? its a newer version of one I have, and quiet it is not.
thought someone would say that my workshop is around 30x20 mtr new build just waiting on some finishing touches ie security lighting
thought someone would say that my workshop is around 30x20 mtr new build
I didn't know that your workshop is the size of a small warehouse, in that case I would be inclined to spec one against the machines that you are intending connecting it to, whilst I have the Axi as my main one, used mainly for my planers/thicknesers, I also run 2 smaller ones connected to separate machines, which saves on having to run ducting all around the shop and can be controlled more locally.
That’s a large workshop that’s going to need a big machine to be able to give the suction needed.
When I was setting up mine - about 1/3 rd the size of yours about 15 years ago I came across an ad in the local paper, big 3 bag 3 phase with lots of ducting for £450. Pretty nasty job dismantling it all but it’s been fantastic.
I was short a few bits of ducting which cost me the same again!
I hung it from the ceiling using seatbelt type webbing btw. I didn’t have the opportunity to put it in an outside room which is what’s needed to keep the dust down- the bags always let a bit escape into the air.
My local company where I go for second hand big bits of equipment have told me they won’t touch second hand extraction equipment but someone will and I think that’s the only way to do it within your budget.
Doesn’t show it too well but this is mine.

I'll bet thats going to be fun to heat in winter.

Haha, actually not funny, as I know now to my cost with my new space , American winters! My uk workshop above as I said only a third of that size but extremely well insulated takes only an oil filled radiator which clicks on every other hour, not toasty but warm enough to work in.

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