Where to buy 8 x 3 inch wood 5.4 meters in length


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4 Apr 2024
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Can anyone offer advice on the most cost effective place to buy 8 x 3 timber? C 16 or 24.

The length I need is 5.4 meters.

It looks like the wood cost is around £50. Delivery £300 !

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thank you
Builders merchant maybe? If you've got an on-going project you can get cash sales accounts at Travis Perkins and similar with free delivery.
I don't think you should pay more than £50 tbh and that's for 225x75 x6.0m

Most local firms will deliver, the bigger ones might try and charge so best to use smaller firms.
I use Robbins in Bristol - not sure if they have exactly what you want - but they are very helpful so it is worth asking them...

I though tend to collect as I can get that length on my roofrack with ease... I can see that delivery would be more challenging...
I’ve used Bendry Bros on numerous occasions. Very helpful staff, if not too busy they let you sort through the stacks to pick what you want. Again, if not too busy, they will also help load roof racks too.
8x3 is an unusual size as it’s not used in floors as it doesn’t work blocks - go up to 9x3 or 225x75 and lots of options from Selco, Travis Perkins etc but you may find it’s all treated timber.

Arnold Laver in Bristol also have a decent stock of unusual stuff - worth giving them a call and they do delivery.
The length I need is 5.4 meters.
Curious to know what your going to do with a 5.4 m length of C24, is this for your garage conversion you previously posted.

I use these lengths of timber regularly mostly for roofing jobs, whilst no help in your area, I don't have an issue buying them in Norfolk, most builders merchants should be able to supply.