What metal pipe?


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Lons":3osc1uz2 said:
Have a weekend break in Northumberland and you can take back the pipe you need from me :)

Bargain, will be there in 15 mins...... no seriously a kind offer but the delivery costs might outweigh the price.
Although more secure whilst folding inwards, if you reversed it to fold outwards, would it give you the enough room?
Phill Have you considered a gate or gates? I made a set of simple softwood field gates a couple of years ago which cost very little, look fine and are a definite barrier. One of them is a 3ft pedestrian gate and the other 8ft wide.
Alternatively a drop down or hinged metal barrier might be expensive to buy but not too difficult to make perhaps even in timber.
Another idea is one length of alloy scaffold pipe just dropped loose on to a post or bracket at each side, they really are quite light and easily lifted off and laid to the side when you need access. You could paint or wrap yellow tape around to make it highly visible.

Maybe if you post a photo of your driveway some of the good people on here might come up with clever ideas.

Inspector":ytyhu4w9 said:
Or you could lay a spike belt :shock: across the driveway with a little notice pointing out it is there. :twisted:


Like REALLY small - like get on your hands and need a magnifying glass small.
A tight turn onto a narrow lane when leaving the drive makes a gate or out-folding posts a little problematic.

If I can find a suitable placement then I am favouring the posts at the moment. How robust are the posts/fixings? Could I drive over them without damaging them? Although the widest part of the drive is 7m I could likely render it unattractive to casual parking with a couple of posts. With such a tight turn a car would likely need 2+ meters min width to park comfortably.
I've driven over mine a couple of times with the motorhome while moving it around the drive to access the near side and haven't harmed the post, the vehicle is around 3.8 tonnes so probably at least twice the weight of a normal family car.

A lot depends on the fixing I'd guess although you would want to avoid it if possible as it's a good 60 - 70mm thick
Found an off-cut of downpipe under the decking today - tried it in one of the post holes - perfect fit.

Makes that route look more attractive. Downpipe, say 4 ft long..... how much sand/cement is that in kg do you reckon. Is there a volume to (dry) weight conversion factor?


Online calculator comes out at about 10 kg assuming the weight is for dry powders and the volume is set volume. Sounds a bit on the high side to me...... (though they claim "1 cubic foot of Cement, mortar weighs 134.96925 pounds [lbs]" - that also sounds a tad high).

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