What Bandsaw should I buy?


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6 Jun 2019
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Having retired, bought a great Jet lathe, I need a decent bandsaw as I get plenty of logs to turn. Ideally I think I need one with about a 200mm cut depth, so mid size I guess. Also hopefully secondhand.
I have been reading reviews for weeks and everything I see appears to have very bad review, so l am looking for some good solid advice please. Neil.
Its sad but true, that all modern machinery in a budget range comes with the need to "fettle" or even "rebuild" straight from the factory.

Old, well used machines sell for a premium, but they usually need parts and adjustments made that negates any savings you might make.

Accept the fact and buy whichever one you like the look of. I have a 350 axminster which required some work straight out of the box, but I have a very good bandsaw now.
Many thanks for no nonsense solid advice, I thought as much, it's the way of the world now, I guess they dont build like they used too!
In the UK, you will find good old machinery, is substantially cheaper than new, if your willing to buy a hundred quid inverter.
I suspect you don't really need that much saw for cutting rounds, but for that very possible absolute bargain next door, don't be put off by three phase machines.
I would highly recommend a Startrite 14S1 or 14S5. The difference between the two is one is single and the other 5 speed. I’ve had a Startrite 301, 351, 352, 14S5 and now a Felder FB510. Of them all, the 14S5 was the best. Extremely well built, sufficient capacity for your needs, simple and quick blade change (easiest of any of them), superb dust extraction (again best of any) and with the micro adjust on the fence the easiest to set absolutely accurately. They aren’t very popular, don’t often come up on auction sites, and don’t usually go for the higher prices of the 351/2 primarily I think as they don’t have the foot actuated brake making them regs compliant. Not an issue for a home workshop / single user.

The 14S5 can be used to cut metals as well as wood with the variable speed capability.

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