Wadkin bra 1961


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22 Dec 2023
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So a Wadkin bra 1961have landed with me and is in need for some tlc.
Can anyone help me how to remove the motor the side where the handle sits.

And a stupid question I know but I have misplaced my calipers. The 2 spanners to unlock the sawblade what size are Those?

Thanks John
I have misplaced my calipers.

You can use an adjustable spanner as a set of calipers. Set it so it touches both flats of the nut, remove it and measure across the jaws of the spanner with a rule.

If there is not enough space for the spanner to enter, hold a thin rule on either flat of the nut, and measure between the two parallel rules in free air. A third rule and a couple of clamps can assist in this if you lack more than two hands.

Cut a slot out of a piece of cardboard and try it over the nut. Too small? Cut off a little more. Too large? Start again with a smaller slot.
Yes I have the manual. Its no 79 the rod that goes all the Way into the motor. I have releasen all screws and it turn freely bit cant get it out. Is it a pressfit or how is it connected to the motor?Thanks for helping out


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Motor off but how to get rod of no 79 off no 81 so I Can slide of no 77. Anyone knows?


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Sorry, I never managed to get those two apart. I just slid 77 up a little and cleaned around it. Mine was a whole lot rusier than your example.
I have always found that, as long as the clip is under a little tension, the ends can just be squeezed together with finger and thumb and everything pops out most satisfactorily. Works on the bras I have dealt with anyway :)
One problem more😂. Im trying to remove piece no 67. As far as I Can tell its threaded in to no 103. Im missing no 65 the handle. Its stuck I have a bolt to pit in instead of no 65 but i fear it Will snap of if i pull real hard. Am I missing something?


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