Just bought a Wadkin AGS 10, couple of questions ...


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30 Jan 2023
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Hi, this is my first post here ... I just bought a Wadkin AGS 10 (splitter version) and have some questions for those who know the saw. Also, big thanks to those who have been discussing the saw on various threads and sharing their efforts!!

Firstly the "Motor bracket retaining strip" (part no 16, 1026/24 in the manual here) is missing. I can knock something up temporary (in another thread someone mentioned well-oiled hard wood) but it would be good to know the exact dimensions are if anyone has that info? Also, given it's not going to be an original part (unless anyone has one they want to donate ;) ) what do you think would it be best made out of (Aluminium, steel, HDPE, go with the oiled-hardwood option)?

Picture below of where the strip should be i believe ...


Which brings me to question 2. This great big aluminium cylinder has been fitted. It actually restricts the drop of the saw to the extent the blade won't fully go below the table. It's also M8 tapped and will happily take an M8 bolt for 25mm (where presumably it meets the bolt from the other side, it's rock solid and i haven't managed to get it off yet). So was it just fitted as a beefy lowering stop? Or perhaps part of some riving knife mod?? Interested in peoples thoughts.

Not sure yet how far I want to go down the restoring path but definitely need to sort out this missing strip, clean the machine up a bit, change the spindle bearings and the belts (though it already has a replacement 240V 3hp motor). What else should i be considering??

Mine was missing the same part and I replaced with a piece of random hardwood. I fitted a piece by taking the retaining bracket off the machine and then it was easy to shape to size. It was about 8mm thick with a shallow indents where the retaining bolts push it against the cast piece.

Big aluminium bit is very odd, no idea of its purpose.

The aluminium part just remove, it’s something random and not part of the original machine.
The wear strip (grib) is steel, about 8mm thick or anything close that will fit. With an angle grinder, file and a drill to make the dimples for the set screws to locate into, it’s not hard to make a replacement. The casting it presses against is cast iron, which is self lubricating.
Fitzroy and deema - Thanks both! Useful to know the strip is 8mm, even though the set screws give plenty of scope for variation. Unless the point of the alu piece becomes clear, yes, it's going.
ground flat bar. I have one in a box of bits, not parting with but for sizes. top off my head 3/4inch by 1/4 x 6inch, ground flat bar on ebay, as too hardened gib strip

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