Very flexible dust hose for random orbital sander

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Dr Al

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11 May 2020
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Dursley, Gloucestershire
I have Makita DBO180Z random orbital sander. I had a lot of sanding to do last night so was using it for a while and getting very frustrated by how much the dust hose gets in the way and makes it hard to keep the sander resting flat on the workpiece without much force and not tilted down towards the exhaust port.

I'm using the pipe from my vacuum cleaner (a Nilfisk Aero 26-21 in case it makes any difference) with one of these adaptors. I find the weight and relative inflexibility of the vacuum hose means that I hold the sander by the vacuum hose entry rather than the comfortable handle on top.

Can anyone recommend a lightweight and much, much more flexible hose I could use between my cyclone and the sander? I've got a lathe so can make simple adaptors if needed. Any other tips for making it more comfortable to use would also be appreciated! I'd wondered about trying to make a right-angle adaptor (somehow...) and attaching the dust pipe temporarily to the ceiling, but I think a flexible hose would be a better solution.
not sure if you are able, but I have found a big difference in clipping my hose up, like you see in a workshop, so it doesn't pull down on the sander, I have the same vacuum and a DeWalt 12 5mm sander
My ceiling is quite low, so I have it clamped to some wood above my head
I have the genuine Makita dust hose, it’s very flexible and light and doesn’t get in the way. Only issue I have is that it wails like a banshee whilst you’re using it, perhaps my henry has too much suction, but I have wear ear defenders!
You could use a silicone hose elbow to turn the hose up and over your shoulder like I did for my router
My hose normally hangs down from above but recently I was having a move around in the workshop so for a few days the hose just came straight out of the extractor to the tool. What a drag, literally, after using the sander just once the first job was to get the hose back up to the ceiling.
A quick clamp routing the hose down from a shelf above the workbench is how I do it if there’s more than a few minute’s work.

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