UK Drills?

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I've loads of their stuff, I've had no problems with any of it. It's not Dormer, but for most purposes it's fine. I suspect if you break them (I do) it matters little whether you pay a premium for them. Watch ebay - once in a while their stuff (if it happens to be what you need) is cheaper there than direct.

I have the 1mm - 6mm and 6mm - 10mm sets and loads of 1Mt and 2MT amongst others.
Their forstner bits set of 6 are also very good ,was surprised how good for £6.49 when I bought them
Have used them a few times (buying through ebay) and their quality is ok if you just need to put a hole in something but I found they didnt produce the cleanest holes after a few uses so I decided to invest in a Dormer A100 Jobber set and they are much better (as you would expect). You can pick up the dormer sets for 30-50% cheaper if you get them on eBay
I buy there cobalt bits which I use for both metal and wood, and I've not encountered any problems I found it really hit-and-miss using cheap HSS bits, as you never quite know if they will be fit for purpose.
I used them once, they supplied some absolute rubbish, I rang to complain, they said that they would refund the cost if I sent it back. They also told me the bit I bought was Chinese. I chucked it in the bin and put it down to experience.
Not saying that all their stuff is Chinese junk though.