Can anyone recommend a decent make of stepped drill bit?

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Below are links to step drills the RS ones are now RS Pro which are good quality or the halls ones which I have used for 20 years the RS ones may even be halls badged RS as that’s what RS used to sell. If you don’t let them overheat and keep using a cutting oil they last well and produce a good accurate hole.

We have used the TCT hole cutters before but it depends on the quality we would use Greenlee link below. Starrett also do TCT ones link below. Like any tools you get what you pay for !
I got a set of Starret hole saws, mainly for van conversion stuff. I was quite disappointed in the amount of runout I was getting as ChaiLatte described.

I managed to improve it a lot by doing two things:

1) Not using the 'lock' that holds the arbor in place - a pair of pop-out pins that fit into the saw. These only locate at a certain point whilst screwing the arbor on, at random for each hole saw it seems rather than when the saw is bottomed out on the thread/arbor. So this allows some wobble. The purpose seems to be to make removing the saw easier (i.e. it's not jammed on fully), so instead, I just jam it right on and ignore the lock mechanism. They come off well enough with your hand most of the time or a jam spanner (those rubber strap things) if not.

2) The arbor itself tends to make a chewy hole in thin metal, and then continue to expand the pilot hole as the threads bounce off the thin material. So instead, I make a super neat 1/4" pilot hole, and use a piece of round/straight/unmachined 1/4" steel rod as an arbor to hold the saw in place.

With those two changes the holes have significantly less runout in sheet metal.
There is a very big difference between the accuracy and cleanliness of the holes cut by these two types of holesaw. Don't confuse them, and do use a drill press for the job if you possibly can.

Update: the hole saw from Amazon arrived and did the job nicely. Ignore the mess on the end, that’s one that had been part drilled before and when I tried to drill with the new bit I forgot to put a block of wood underneath so that the centre drill bit would have something to bite into and keep centered so it chattered before I stopped and did it properly.

Thanks for all the help and advice.


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