Cobalt HSS Drill Bit recommendations

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1 Jul 2023
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North Wales
Hi guys started working in a new place and I am doing a lot more metal work then previously. I've got some HSS Drill bits but could do with a decent cobalt set for stainless. Looking for a set from about 3mm to 10mm, won't really need any bigger than M12.

A bit clueless with which brands are decent and which are cheap Chinese so any recommendations on either a full set or some brands to keep an eye out for.

Happy to spend the money on a decent set that will last.

Any advice/recommendations welcome.

I’ve used the Toolpak ones, available at Toolstation. I chose those simply for their immediate availability on a Saturday afternoon. But I’ve found them to be very good.
You can get these from the usual outlets - Axminster is where my original set came from. I've taken to buying replacements from UK Drills, to top up breakages or lost ones. They seem to be of a similar quality - so, probably all Chinese.
We buy our drills from a company called RECA in Birmingham. Really good quality German stuff, and its sensibly priced.
The Axminster cobalt bits are really good, but for a cheap, good option I second the Irwin cobalt bits, I’ve been impressed with them, not as good as the Axminster but good enough. Not sure how’d the Irwin would hold up for production work, but my Father-in-Law swore by them for daily handyman work.

If you are doing precision metalworking/tapping holes Tracy Tools in Torquay do cobalt bits in increments of 0.1mm, they’ve got a set of their standard size cobalt bits on discount on their website at the moment