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Wanted Trend Airshield Pro


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25 Nov 2017
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East Kent
I am looking for an Airshield Pro for my grandson who has started doing some turning. He is 10 years old but he has tried mine and it seems to fit him OK with a bit of adjustment. We would need ear defenders as he is very sensitive to loud noise. I am reluctant to buy a new one in case he changes his mind about it after a few weeks but so far, so good. I used the attached short video to show my lathe in use. It shows our present PPE set up that is OK'ish but the dust masks are made for adults and difficult to adjust. Ear defenders aren't compatible either. An Elipse dust mask that I bought him was too big with a gap around the chin. I think that the Airshield will tick all boxes. Any other suggestions of a suitable respirator would be appreciated. If you have one for sale either leave a message or PM me with price. Thanks for looking.
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