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Going to have to revamp workshop again got most done piecemeal last year in-between fitting out new bathroom and fitting new kitchen and today got my bonus for all my hard work so got to rejig work benches to house it
Thingybob - I spotted that in Lidl and was tempted, but saner minds prevailed - I literally have 0 space to put it!
I also have a cyclone thingy on my vac, and although it's useful, honestly It feels like there is less suction - It picks up dust and stuff, but anything with a bit of weight just hands out in the hose.

As for tidying - I swear, I spend more time tidying than I do actually making stuff.
Although I can get it.. kinda tidy, I fell like it's just unorganised. One of my friends is a bit of a neat-freak, and her studio is always looking tidy - I asked her nicely, and she's gonna pop around in a week or so to help organise it a bit.
It's only a single garage, but I have 4 workbenches and a couple of sets of shelves - Big stuff is the table saw, Laser CNC, Table bandsaw, Pillar Drill, Planer/Thicknesser, a thicknesser I borrowed from my mate before I got the other one, Sharpening station and more recently I built an air filter box with my vac on the bottom level. Thats on wheels though, and has been the most useful thing I've added so far.
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