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10 May 2018
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So I'll be moving into a new house in a couple of months (or as soon as the solicitors decide to pull their finger out) and I've been spoiled with a bigger garage/workshop.

This is a rough mock-up of the space:

The room at the back is a small bathroom which I plan to keep, upgrading the sink to a larger utility sink for clean up. The stairs lead to a second story loft which will allow for some storage, but the majority has already been claimed by the better half for her hobbies. The space under the stairs is open and initially I thought would work well for storage, but may be taken up by a washer / dryer.

The workshop will mainly be used for furniture projects for the new house over the years as and when I can get to it, but also for the usual DIY projects that will need doing over the years. I plan to do as much of the work as possible with hand tools, but in the interest of time, I'll likely do stock prep with machines and do the joinery by hand.

Things I already have that I would like to fit in here:

Handtool workbench (200cm x 75cm)
Mitre Saw station with storage (300cm x 70cm)
Band Saw (Floor Standing)
Pillar Drill (Floor Standing)

Things I would like to add in the near future:
Planer Thicknesser
Table Saw
Dust Extraction for the table saw and P/T
Assembly / Outfield bench
General purpose workbench for dirty / DIY work
Router Table (could be incorporated in assembly bench or table saw extensions)

So the real question is, if you could start from scratch in a new shop, how would you lay this out, or do you have any general tips for workshop layout?

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