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I've just had to redo the layout in my double garage because one end is needed to store large musical instruments, so now I'm using 2/3 of one half. We all have different needs, mine is based on woodturning.

When we have visitors we need to put a car in the other half of the garage, limited other parking nearby. The space under the car, between the wheels and maybe 20 cm high, makes a useful timber store, I use it for seasoning part cut blanks but it's fine for lots of things, so that helps with space.

I used to have space for a small clean work bench, assembly, glue ups, soldering etc. but that was lost in the reorganisation. But, I'm never turning and assembling and soldering at the same time so I've adapted some MDF and 3x1 to drop on the heavy cast lathe bed with a simple turn lock underneath. With the tailstock off, I win back my small bench. 1.2m by 0.6.

I also made a dolly for the Bandsaw, locking casters I had from a much earlier project.
Now it lives out of the way and comes our when needed. When it's out it blocks access to the lathe, but you never use them simultaneously and the move only takes a minute.

I used to have a space to stand in to use the lathe and another space behind to walk round. Turn the lathe 180 degrees, one space does 2 jobs. All pretty obvious in retrospect.

Think creatively, maybe you can make better use of other flat surfaces. Sit quietly in your workshop for as long as it takes, look, think, ideas and solutions will come to you.
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Here is my layout after a year and a half reworking

Single garage with accessory door entry
Front main door boxed off with stud wall ventilation and insulation

Room else for a 'found timber' hand tools focus workflow from L to R panning:

30" by 78" workbench
Bs350 bandsaw
Dust extract box
Ancillary bench with drill press
Shop vac and cyclone
Chop saw
Plane rack
Small parts
Sharpening stuff grinder etc
Scroll saw
'Kiln'* and air filtration
Small lathe
Walls = mainly handtools
Tops under ceiling = timber stores

Stores a load of timber
Have control of humidity temp and air circulation per hour.

More stuff on sliders etc
floor needs sealing next job
Needs work done on electrics. Already in a separate circuit Inc. Own isolation. I think the prev. Owners were prepping for electric car or something. Next job is installing more sockets.

Hope this helps a bit from a relative newbie


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Hello Doogs,

Having just jumped to V2 of my workshop, i am already considering V3 as i have been dealing with a lot of long stock recently - which is a pita in a single garage!

As @duke said - your space has to evolve to suit your needs, if it doesn't, it will just annoy the heck outa you - so don't be afraid of making adjustments and mistakes as your journey unfolds.

I try and make all structures on the cheap, as i know i have not yet arrived at my final layout (4 years in). When i do, i can invest some more £s and soul into my setup (absolutely love your workbench btw @Derek Cohen (Perth Oz)!).

There is a very wise and amusing post already on this forum from an experienced lady - it nails the fundamentals and is an excellent base to work from - i will try and find it.

P.S. make everything robust and mobile!

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